Combatting a lack of creativity in the blogosphere

To put it plainly, there are a ton of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers these days; it seems almost everyone wants to share his or her own personal aesthetic with the world. Among the many blogs out there, only a few really stand out. And, while all are distinctly different from one another, there are definitely some things they have in common, too. In addition to consistency and a strong work ethic, all the best bloggers possess a powerful sense of individuality and major creative abilities.

Though blogging (especially fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging) is often labeled as something shallow, truly being creative requires a lot of hard work, dedication and critical thinking. Thankfully, the bloggers behind Zanita Studio recently devised a guide to finding inspiration for all types of creatives–not just bloggers–because even the best sometimes find themselves feeling unmotivated and uninspired.

The author mentions that 2017 is the “year of story telling” because social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram allow followers to take a behind-the-scenes look at bloggers’ lives with “story” features. Sharing so-called “stories” on Snapchat and Instagram is a great way to develop more intimate, personal relationships with followers; at the same time, however, it puts a ton of pressure on us bloggers to constantly be creating top-notch content.

Furthermore, Instagram also recently introduced its “live” feature, which allows users to video chat with followers in real time. Many bloggers use this feature for impromptu makeup tutorials and unboxing hauls. Several creatives, such as YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth, expressed how difficult and tiring it can be to keep up with all these new platforms.

To combat this problem, the author suggests Pinterest as a resource, and I definitely agree! I joined Pinterest a couple months ago, and I genuinely wish I started sooner. There is an endless amount of creative content on that platform, from lengthy articles to DIYs to stunning visual inspiration. Many bloggers and creatives share their work on Pinterest, and from that inspo, others can come up with their own unique ideas, then “pin” them to inspire others.

So many bloggers and influencers publish the same “trendy” content the rest of the world shares, and as a blogger myself, I know how hard it can be to develop unique, quality material on a regular basis. In order to stand out and be successful in the blogosphere, it is undeniably important to find what inspires you personally and share that with your followers in a meaningful way–not the superficial, insubstantial content you think you should be posting based on the blogs or Instagram feeds of others. Not only is Pinterest a great way to find inspiration, it helps you save and organize your favorite findings, as well.

[source: Instagram user @areyouami]

Speaking of trend-based content, Matt Elison predicts women’s fashion trends for the upcoming season on a blog known as Chronicles of Her. One of the first trends the author mentions is from Vogue, which has throughout history always had a strong influence on designers (which have a strong influence on fast fashion retailers, which have a strong influence on consumers). This year, Vogue predicts the “death of cleavage.”

Elison also mentioned that chokers, a huge trend in 2016, will no longer be in style. We are currently a little over a month into the new year, and I am still seeing chokers everywhere I look: on campus, downtown, on social media, etc. Runway designers and luxury fashion brands may steer clear of chokers in 2017, but it seems a lot of young women still enjoy wearing this type of necklace. Because high fashion is typically ahead of street style, many who wear chokers now (including bloggers) may still see them as trendy, while big name designers are tossing them in favor of other styles.


Sara Donaldson, blogger behind Harper and Harley, did a brilliant job executing several of 2017s hottest trends in a single post last month. Oversized dress shirts–especially in a crisp white fabric like Donaldson wears–have been pretty big these past few months, while statement sleeves and shiny pants came into style more recently. While bloggers everywhere have been promoting all three of these trends, Donaldson ties them together in a way that is unique and tasteful.

Her neutral and nearly monochromatic color palette definitely helps tone the entire look down, while a neat bun keeps her hair out of the way and black sandals remain virtually invisible under gorgeous flared plants. This outfit embodies everyday glamour because it is the perfect mix between casual and elegant; it shows that fashion bloggers (and other influencers!) can create content that is mainstream and relevant (i.e., trendy), as well as thoughtful, substantial and most importantly, authentic.


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