All your favorites are wearing bodysuits this season (and you should be, too)

Bodysuits have been around for quite a while, but over the past year or so they’ve become more popular than ever–and rightfully so. They never come untucked when layered under pants or a skirt–which is one of my biggest pet peeves because it looks so sloppy!–and they are super easy to dress up or dress down.

Lately, I’ve been loving a solid bodysuit paired with light wash mom jeans; it is the perfect combo because tight-fitting bodysuits add a little sex appeal to an otherwise mundane pair of jeans. For a night out I opt for a low-cut bodysuit. I love, love, love this backless one pictured from American Apparel. (When it comes to bodysuits, AA is your one-stop shop. Trust me.)

For a more casual daytime look, I’ll pair a scoop-neck bodysuit with the same mom jeans (which are also from American Apparel, by the way) and an oversized cardigan. I tend to go for basic colors most of the time, so I like to spice things up with a couple necklaces and a pair of statement shoes (I’m really into patterned booties at the moment). But, that’s just me. This season it seems just about everyone is putting her own spin on bodysuits.

Style stars such as supermodel Bella Hadid and blogger Katrina Brodsky favor the square neckline of Are You Am I’s Kimia Body Suit, which is undeniably sexy, stylish and–most importantly–versatile. While Brodsky rocks Kimia with a pair of faded, baggy Levi’s, Hadid opts for an ultra girly denim mini. Both babes keep their looks relatively simple, proving less is more. Minimal accessories and embellishments allow the focus to remain on the woman, rather than on the outfit.

Brodsky also takes up some real estate on the more daring end of the spectrum in an edgy catsuit. With the help of a skin-tight, full-length bodysuit, the LA-based blogger aces this year’s “athleisure” trend. A cropped gray sweatshirt adds to the sporty vibe; black heeled boots, a coordinating handbag and loose beach waves keep things a little more feminine.

Speaking of athleisure, blogger Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What turned heads when she layered a tracksuit over a black fishnet bodysuit. The look as a whole may not be for everyone, but like most bodysuits on the market, this fishnet piece–which features a sleek turtleneck and extended sleeves–easily matches even the simplest things you already own.

Model and activist Emily Ratajkowski, aka Em Rata, gave all her Instagram followers major heart eyes when she posted two consecutive snapshots of herself rocking lacy bodysuits (first a white one, then a black one). While the mirror selfie leaves little to the imagination, her bedroom hair is on point and her makeup is flawless. In the second shot, however, the 25-year-old SoCal native rocks a statement fur coat and an awesome pair of mom jeans over a black lace number–an outfit that truly embodies her seemingly effortless sex appeal.

Day or night, casual or dolled up, there is one thing all of these looks have in common: a neutral color palette. Believe it or not, black, white, gray and traditional denim are the only hues the hottest tastemakers need to create flawless looks from head to toe. And with a bodysuit, this season’s must-have, putting together a killer outfit has never been easier.

There are tons–I mean tons–of bodysuits on the market right now, at any price and in every style imaginable. Below, I gathered some of the best bodysuit inspo I could find, as well as links to a variety of stunning suits to get your hands on.

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Bella Hadid in Kimia [source:]

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Danielle Bernstein in a fishnet bodysuit by up-and-coming designer Danielle Guizio [source:]

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Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit, American Apparel, $25

Cotton Spandex Tank Bodysuit, American Apparel, $26

2×2 Rib Square Tank Bodysuit, American Apparel, $27

Cotton Spandex Jersey Unitard, American Apparel, $38

Kimia Body Suit, Are You Am I, $119

So Fresh Mesh Bodysuit, Free People, $30

She’s A Babe Bodysuit, Free People, $48

Maya Bodysuit, Brandy Melville, $24

Cynthia Bodysuit, Brandy Melville, $30

Reina Velvet Bodysuit, Brandy Melville, $22

Fishnet Turtleneck Bodysuit, Danielle Guizio, $63


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