Gucci embraces geek chic at Milan Fashion Week

It’s been two years since Italian-born Alessandro Michele began as creative director of Gucci, and in this short amount of time the 44-year-old designer took the famed fashion house in a new, much more modern direction.

[source: Elle]

On Wednesday, February 22, Michele debuted a unified men’s and women’s Fall/Winter collection during Milan Fashion Week, according to Elle. The 120-piece collection–known as The Alchemist’s Garden: An Anti-Modern Laboratory–featured a “madcap mashup of styles shown on models who wound their way through a glass tunnel set next to a pyramid with a weathervane on top.”

Emphasis clearly was on the future from the get-go; even the invitations read “What Are We Going To Do With All This Future?”

[source: Elle]

Michele gave traditional Gucci a futuristic, over-the-top twist.  “A hodgepodge of looks inspired by various decades as filtered through the Gucci lens,” including a sparkling full-length bodysuit paired with a relaxed t-shirt and cut-off shorts, an ornate white gown covered in floral appliqués and an all-black outfit complete with a mysterious eye-covering hat fit for a femme fatale, according to Elle.

The collection was “a magpie’s delight, and truly [included] something for everyone.”

Of course, none of Michele’s collections are complete without a layers of accessories and embellishments; he is, after all, a former leather goods design director for the label, according to Business of Fashion.

“Models rocked mullets, carried chinoiserie umbrellas [and] donned multiple fanny packs,” according to Elle. A few even carried luggage down the runway.

[source: Vogue]

Amid septum jewelry and a sea of bold patterns were plenty of cardigans, tea-length skirts and high-rise socks that looked as if they belong to an impossibly chic 22nd century granny. Outfits were accented with a plethora of pearls, oversized collars and librarian-inspired eyeglasses.

[source: Vogue]

Another notable accessory on Michele’s most recent runway was the oversized belt. Leather belts adorned with metal details contrasted the feminine floral prints and tartan plaids they accessorized, while 80s-style shoulder pads and hairdos seemed fashionably out of place on oriental patterns. Headwear was also big; most models wore larger than life hats, thick headbands or hair-hiding head scarves as they made their way down the catwalk.

[source: Vogue]


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