Glossier haul + a review!

I’m a total Glossier junkie! Since the online beauty brand launched in 2014, I’ve gradually added a quite a few Glossier products to my makeup and skincare collection. Last year I stocked up on Haloscope, Glossier’s dew effect highlighter, in Topaz and Moonstone. I love to use these natural-looking highlighters as part of my everyday routine, and they are such a great change of pace from traditional opal-toned highlighters. For the holidays I received the limited edition No. 1 Pencil, a charcoal gray gel eyeliner that smudges perfectly for a sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed Parisienne look.

Amidst a stress-induced breakout, I placed my largest Glossier order ever earlier this month. First was Super Pure: one of Glossier’s three serums. I was super tempted to purchase Super Bounce and Super Glow as well (after all, you save $19 when you order all three), but I ultimately decided my sensitive skin would be better off trying them one at a time.

Because the 3-year-old brow gel I already owned dried up, and because my concealer is close to running out, too, I added both Boy Brow and Stretch Concealer to my makeup routine. After hearing a ton of great reviews on Boy Brow from some of my favorite It girls (think: Emily Ratajkowski and Devon Lee Carlson), I was dying to try it out for myself.

Lastly, I picked up Balm Dotcom, a skin salve, because my skin tends to suffer from dry patches during the cold, windy months, and winter is far from over where I live.

Super Pure serum: This was my first time ever trying a skin serum, so it took my skin a little while to get used to it. Even though this product is intended to calm breakouts, it is still thicker than most products my face is used to, causing my super sensitive skin to breakout a little more before it got better. Once Super Pure started working, however, my breakouts quickly dried up and were easily covered with a little spot concealer.

I definitely would not recommend Super Pure as an everyday product, especially for those with sensitive skin, because it took a few uses for my face to warm up to it. But, it is great for tough breakouts–and, the easy-to-control applicator makes it perfect for treating specific problem areas.

Balm Dotcom salve: It didn’t take long for Balm Dotcom to become my holy grail beauty product. This odorless salve instantly heals chapped lips and dry patches without causing any breakouts or irritation. In addition to my lips, I love using Balm Dotcom on the dry areas around my nose and eyebrows. It definitely isn’t an all-over moisturizer, but it is perfect for quickly treating dry spots, including cuticles!

Balm Dotcom is also easy to use with other lip products–even matte liquid lipsticks. Because a little goes a long way with this salve, it applies smoothly over and under your lip color of choice. Plus, the squeeze tube packaging doesn’t pick up any color that you may have already put on your lips–something glide-on lip balms are very guilty of doing. You can even go a step further by mixing your favorite lip color with Balm Dotcom before you apply.

Whatever look I’m after, I cannot go a day without this product! The best part is, I only have to reply a handful of times throughout the day; Balm Dotcom has some serious staying power–even through tough workouts! No other lip balm compares to it.

Stretch Concealer (medium): When it comes to concealer, I 100 percent prefer pot formulas over liquids, which tend to look cake-y and unnatural on my skin. So, when Benefit’s Erase Paste, my long-time favorite, hit pan, I decided to switch things up with Glossier. Stretch Concealer absorbs into the skin, giving you that natural, dewy #NoFilterJustGlossier look, which makes it a great product for covering any blemishes or redness.

Boy Brow (brown): I have naturally thick brows, so I definitely prefer a gel product over a pencil when it comes to my arches because they are ideal for filling in small gaps and keeping the hairs in line all day. Boy Brow in brown matches my natural brow color perfectly, and it brushes “sprouts” upwards, instantly making the entire face appear more polished. This brow gel is saturated with product and packs a ton of punch without the dreaded “drawn-on” look.

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Eyebrow sprouts [source: Instagram user @glossier]


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