Inside Glossier’s Manhattan showroom | July 2017

Last week I took a midweek trip to New York City to visit Glossier’s showroom! As a Glossier Rep, this is sort of like  totally a right of passage for me 😉

Because this was my first time visiting the showroom, which is located in SoHo near Chinatown, I was sure to snap a ton of pictures. After all, it claims to be the most Instagram-able room in town, and it definitely did not disappoint!

Although I’m familiar with most of Glossier products, it was great to be able to test those I’ve never seen IRL before. Needless to say, I will definitely be stocking up on Generation G in Crush and Super Bounce as soon as I get the chance. (I’m a sucker for fun lip colors and anything with hyaluronic acid, so…)

The atmosphere inside the showroom is minimalist and clean–and the Showroom Editor’s utility suits are super cute! As expected, the brightly lit penthouse (yes, penthouse!) is a combination of crisp white and, of course, Glossier pink. And it smells SO. GOOD. thanks to a candle burning (next to a cluster of crystals!) on the sink. I still cannot get over the little “employees must moisturize before returning to work” sign.

I also absolutely looooved the artwork hanging on the walls, too. In addition to the infamous mirror decals that read “YOU LOOK GOOD” and “ASK ME ABOUT MY BROWS”, several larger-than-life editorial-style shots hang on the wall (including the new Birthday Balm Dotcom shots shown below).

Glossier additionally provides comfy seating and a little reading material, too. Offbeat, artsy magazines sit on tables near the inconspicuous Glossier mottos “JUST DEW IT” and “MAKE GOOD CHOICES”.

The best part? You can shop aaaaall of Glossier’s showroom deals (which are listed below!) through my Rep page! Any first-time Glossier customer receives 20 percent off her first online purchase, and all customers enjoy free shipping each time they choose any two items.


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