It’s not powder. It’s Wowder.

Last week Glossier debuted its first-ever setting and blotting powder. The matte, not flat (and never cake-y) formula reduces shine then vanishes into the skin, setting makeup and leaving skin smooth and pore-less. As a Rep, Glossier sent me my very own Wowder a few days before its official launch, so I’ve had a little extra time to test it out.

I am in the shade light/medium, but Wowder is available in three sheer, adaptable shades (all with a real-skin finish!), including dark/deep and rich. It was developed alongside the dense, yet soft, Wowder brush; both products are available separately, but you will save $7 when you shop the duo 😉

Even under bright flash (think: passport and driver’s license photos), Wowder is undetectable on the skin, so you’ll never have to worry about it affecting your skin tone or settling into any fine lines. While most setting powders leave the skin looking 2-dimensional, Wowder is full of diamond powder and vitamin E, which give it a glow-y, silky finish. It is the perfect complement to Glossier’s Stretch Concealer, one of my absolute favorites.

My normal-to-oily skin looooves Wowder, but that’s really no surprise at all. I’ve kept a bareMinerals powder on hand for years, and lately I’ve been loving Kat Von D’s blotting powder.

Wowder serves as both a blotting *and* a setting powder. Thanks to the precise-yet-fluffy blush, I am able to concentrate Wowder in my t-zone, where I tend to get the most oily. This is known as blotting. However, I also use the pointed tip to set concealer under my eyes, a process called setting. It controls shine and keeps makeup in place while reducing the overall appearance of pores.

As with all Glossier products, Wowder’s packaging is stunning. With its signature “Glossier pink” and white lid, it looks gorgeous on my top shelf. The trampoline mesh inside prevents spillage, which keeps the container clean and makes wasted product a thing of the past.

Wowder’s brush, a metallic pale pink, stands out from the rest of my brush collection–in both the way it looks and the way it works. This brush is SO much softer than any powder brush I’ve ever owned, and the unique shape makes it perfect for targeting small areas (think: under the eyes) AND large areas (like the t-zone). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s absolutely gorgeous or that it comes with its own mini pink pouch 😉


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