Eye Vinyl x Mars Holographic Highlighting Powder | Experimenting with Milk Makeup

Last week I mentioned a couple Milk Makeup products in a post detailing my go-to lip color for the upcoming season. While the lippie itself isn’t by Milk, two of the other products I am wearing along with it are: both Eye Vinyl and Holographic Highlighting Powder.

(Note: For today’s look, I paired my Milk Makeup with Glossier‘s Lip Gloss layered over Tony Moly LIPTONE Get It Tint Water Bar in Orange In Red–not the lipstick mentioned in my previous post.)

These unconventional cosmetics put a modern, editorial-style spin on popular makeup–and they’re definitely out of my comfort zone. I tend to go for a sultry golden or bronze highlight and a soft, neutral eye, so while these products are slightly out of my comfort zone, they take the overall glow-y, dewy look I love to the next level.

Eye Vinyl is like lip gloss, but it’s for your eyes; essentially, it’s eye gloss! It can be worn on its own, as an alternative to eyeshadow, or on top of eyeshadow, as a glossy accent to the pigment.

Holographic Highlighting Powder definitely isn’t your average highlighter. Sure, you apply it the same way you would any other highlighting powder, but its color payoff is completely different from any other highlight I’ve tried (and I’ve tried quite a few).

I chose Holographic Highlighting Powder in the shade Mars–Milk’s cult-favorite color. While the Holographic Stick in Mars is a uberpopular among beauty gurus, I wasn’t sold on it until the powder formula made its debut.

Mars is a warm tone that is so different from any bronze or golden shade on the market. As the name suggests, it has an out-of-this-world holographic sheen; Mars in particular, Milk states, is a golden peach hue. And in my opinion, it also has a red-ish, almost pink-ish, copper tinge on the skin. It’s truly such a unique color.

Like all my other highlighting powders (like those from Anastasia Beverly Hills), I apply Mars to the skin with a setting brush, then finish with my go-to setting spray from Boscia for a more natural finish and an almost melted look.

I went in with a heavy hand applying Mars because I was aiming for an intense glow. After all, if you’re wearing such a unique color, you should really make it pop.

As for Eye Vinyl, I went for Bridge, a nude shade. It is a fun, easy and quick way to play up your eyes. You don’t have to put that much thought into it, and you definitely don’t need the same level of patience required for applying traditional eyeshadow. Still, it draws attention upwards the same way eyeshadow would.

While I fell head over heels for Mars, I’m not 100 percent sure how I feel about Eye Vinyl. I’m definitely happy I went for one of the lighter shades, because this product is tricky to apply and came out a little a lot messy. My mistakes would’ve been way more noticeable had I picked a darker hue (even though that black shade looks super cool on the model).

I’m also not a fan of how the applicator tugs on the eyelid. I thought this would be an easy product to swipe on and head out the door, and while it is way easier than eyeshadow, it does require more patience than I anticipated.

To combat the eyelid pulling, I used the applicator to dab the product onto the inner corner of my lids, then blended outwards with my finger. Eye Vinyl is definitely going to take me a few tries before I fully get the hang of it.

That being said, I love how the glossy lid look, and I can for sure see myself wearing it for a night out as party season approaches–especially with that Mars accent on the inner corner of the eye, as well as brow bone.


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