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Have you heard the news? Rumor has it ColourPop will be coming to Sephora next month!

To celebrate I’m rounding up my favorite ColourPop products of all-time. I discovered the L.A.-based brand a little over a year ago, and since then I just can’t get enough of their unique and affordable makeup.

ColourPop is almost always having a great sale or launching a new product, so I find myself on their website quite often scoping everything out. And that is why I am so excited to be able to shop their range IRL come November.

For the price ColourPop’s quality simply cannot be beat–I prefer their lippies, lip liners and eyeshadows to pretty much every drugstore brand (though you guys know I love NYX and Pixi Beauty). This beauty brand truly offers something for everyone.

There’s just too much goodness on their site, so I decided to share all my favorites with Haute Mess readers so you guys can love this cult-favorite beauty brand as much as I do!

Lippie Stix:

If I *had* to choose just one product from ColourPop, it would probably definitely be Lippie Stix; I loooove this formula! It is super creamy and easy to use, and it’s buildable (meaning 1-2 swipes will give you a semi-sheer, blotted look, while 3-4 swipes will give you an opaque look).

Despite its creamy texture, this formula lasts on my lips for hours, so although Lippie Stix are compact enough to throw in any bag, there isn’t always a need to do so. Lippie Stix allow me to drink, eat and chit-chat away without sacrificing my lip color.

I cannot imagine my everyday, casual, daytime beauty lineup without my Lippie Stix!

My favs: Oh Snap, Lumiere, LBB

ColourPop also offers Lippie Primer in the form of a Lippie Stix, which helps ensure even application while it prevents feathering no matter what lip color you wear over it.

Lippie Pencil:

One of my absolute favorite things about ColourPop is that most of their lip colors have a matching liner, or Lippie Pencil, as they’re called.

A lot of women fail to realize the importance of a lip liner when wearing lipstick–especially bold colors and liquid lipsticks. They dismiss it as an unnecessary expense. Thankfully, ColourPop makes it affordable to invest in a coordinating Lippie Pencil for all your favorite lipsticks.

My favs: Contempo, Poison, Are N Be

Left to right: Come & Get It, Let’s Do It, Dragonfly, Snake Eyes, Glass Bull, Tea Garden

Pressed Powder Shadows:

If you’re searching for a creamy, blend-able, pigmented eyeshadow that’s also affordable, ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Shadows are your best bet.

They are available in a huge range of colors and multiple different finishes (including matte, satin and metallic), all of which are easy to work with and have very little fallout.

I love that the singles are magnetic and that they fit perfectly into ColourPop’s empty, magnetic-based palettes so you can create your own custom lineup that’s sleek enough to take almost anywhere.

My favs: Come & Get It, Let’s Do It, Dragonfly, Snake Eyes, Glass Bull, Tea Garden

Left to right: Slave2Pink, Coconut, Wild Thoughts, Dare, Banana Daiquiri, Wattles

Super Shock Shadows + Pigment:

Because ColourPop is so affordable, it’s perfect for picking up trendy or statement-making eyeshadows you don’t see yourself wearing on a regular basis. After all, who wants to shell out $20+ for a hot pink eyeshadow she’ll only wear once in a blue moon?

This bouncy, pigmented formula lasts for hours on end, and is even somewhat waterproof. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to apply (ColourPop suggests using using your finger), so even the most unskilled beauty enthusiast can use Super Shock Shadows.

My favs: Slave2Pink, Coconut, Wild Thoughts, Dare, Banana Daiquiri, Wattles, Valley Girl


ColourPop’s brushes are all hidden gems! They offer a variety of quality makeup tools that make the application process easier–and, like I’ve mentioned a ton of times in this post, they are all ridiculously affordable!

My favs: Tapered Blending Brush, Pencil Brush, Small Shader Brush


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