Little Tokyo beauty haul | 2

As a skincare junkie, L.A.’s Little Tokyo is one of my favorite spots to go on a *wild* shopping spree! In the heart of DTLA lies Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village, a super authentic shopping and dining space closed to traffic.

I absolutely love Little Tokyo. Not only is it fun and unique, it has quite a few Asian beauty stores stocked with products I’ve never seen anywhere else. So, every time I’m in L.A., I make a point to stop there, enjoy some sushi or boba and browse all the beauty it has to offer.

When packing for L.A., I always make sure to leave a little extra room in my bags for *just a few* beauty products from my two fav Little Tokyo stores, TONYMOLY and Make Asobi. Asian skincare is seriously the best; it’s affordable and effective. And I can’t get enough of it.

Although TONYMOLY’s range is available online, there is something about shopping it IRL that is so much more exciting. Last time I was in L.A., I picked up one of TONYMOLY’s Get It Tint Water Bars in a gorgeous bright orange shade. I love it so much that this time, I picked up the original Get It Tint lip tint in Oops Orange, which has a stronger color payoff than the Water Bar.

An orange lip looks so youthful and fun day or night, and I found that Asia beauty brands do this hue the best of all.

At Make Asobi I stocked up on a ton of sheet masks (seriously, I have enough to last me months on end). I grabbed a few of my go-to’s from Pure Smile’s Essence line, including Snail and Gold, as well as a pearl and a collagen essence from Naisture.

Nakamura’s Foot Detox Pads are another one of my must-buys in Little Tokyo. When applied to the bottom of the foot and worn overnight, these guys remove waste from the body, drawing out toxins and restoring balance. The coolest part is that there’s a few different variations, so I chose four to try this time around.

I also wanted to try a few new products, so I picked up two sheet masks from Sanrio Narikiri, as well as a multipack of Quality 1st’s All In One sheet mask.

From another brand whose label I cannot read, I also picked up a multipack of deep cleansing sheet masks. I am really excited for these because most sheet masks tend to focus on brightening, hydrating and anti-aging, and while I love all those things, I’m definitely eager to see how a cleansing sheet mask works.

Lastly, I was so happy to see that Make Asobi had Bioderma’s Sensibo H20 Wipes in store. I love micellar water, and this cult-favorite beauty brand’s wipes are always (*eye roll*) sold out online.


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