Sleek, straight hair with OUAI

Thanks to Sephora’s recent VIB sale, I was finally able to try a few products from OUAI–just in time for party season.

I love sporting sleek, straight hair for a night out, so I invested in Dry Shampoo Foam, Memory Mist and Hair Oil from OUAI’s line of multitasking products.

These babies have been in my life a little over a week, and I am so excited that they have already become a regular part of my haircare routine. In fact, they made the cross-country trip with me to L.A. for the Sony Music release party this past weekend.

For the black tie affair I said goodbye to my natural wavy locks and went with pin straight, shiny locks reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Because my hair is so thin, I used OUAI’s Dry Shampoo Foam for a little volume before I started styling. Dry shampoo has always been a must-have in my lineup, but until now I’ve only used drugstore products (many of which have been super disappointing).

OUAI’s foam formula is really unique; it gives my hair weightless volume without the grittiness other dry shampoo’s tend to produce. Similarly, it doesn’t leave a white cast or any residue on my dark locks. And, like any good hair product, it smells amazing 😉

I also went in with Memory Mist to protect the hair from my flat iron. And since I don’t use heat on my hair on a day-to-day basis, a protectant is necessary to keep my fragile tresses looking healthy when I do go in with heat tools.

From root to tip, I coated my hair with Memory Mist before finding my middle part, then straightening in small sections. (Tip: Straightening in small sections, while it may take longer, is better for the hair because it reduces the need to go over the same section with the flat iron twice.)

When I finished straightening I polished off my tresses with OUAI’s Hair Oil–which might be my favorite product right now (or ever). A trustworthy oil is so important to the hair’s health, especially my brittle locks, so I rubbed 1-2 pumps between my hands, then run it through my hair from mid-shaft to end.

To tame the fly-aways that frame my face, I added a little more Hair Oil from the roots down so they stay put all night long. This weightless oil improves the look of hair by adding shine, while also allowing movement and keeping it soft to the touch.

Even when I don’t style my hair, I’ve been using this oil every day to keep my hair healthy and strong; it is so lightweight and easy to use. Unlike coconut oil (which I love!), the OUAI’s Hair Oil is virtually undetectable on the hair–it’s not a gloopy mess. It’s the perfect your-hair-but-better product.

The party, which took place at Culver City’s Unici Casa, was a huge success–and I couldn’t have done it without the OUAI.


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