Battling breakouts with Glossier Solution | Part I

Disclosure: I am a Glossier Rep, and I received this product as a gift from Glossier. All opinions are my own, and I am not required to post about the brand or its products at any time on any of my digital platforms. 

With normal-to-oily skin, I’m not immune to the occasional breakout–especially during “that time” or when I’ve been indulging a little too much.

Although my skin’s become a little drier and less prone to breakouts with age, they still pop up enough that I like to keep various, albeit trustworthy, remedies in my medicine cabinet.

Meet Glossier Solution, my lineups newest addition.

This 10-percent AHA/BHA/PHA salicylic acne solution does more than treat and prevent problem pimples. Yes, it is a powerful chemical exfoliator that treats acne, but it also minimizes pores and treats rough texture, uneven tone, redness and clogged pores. Because it’s Glossier, it leaves your skin glow-y, balanced and healthy (thanks to calming ingredients aloe and niacinamide).

Solution is the skincare hero with proven results! It improves the look and feel of skin in four weeks. Per Glossier,

In a poll of Solution daily users, 74 percent said skin looked transformed after four weeks.

In a poll of Solution daily users, 88 percent said skin looked clearer after four weeks.

In a poll of Solution daily users in a clinical trial, after four weeks 3 out of 4 people said it was the solution they were looking for.

Over a period of 15 months, Glossier’s chemist and development team worked to create a maximum efficiency solution that’s gentle enough for daily use. And it definitely delivers.

I have been using Solution every day for about a week now, and so far I am extremely happy with the results. Though it’s going to take another three weeks to see the full results (and I’ll have another review up then), I am really loving Solution so far. This is somewhat of a pleasant surprise, because I was slightly hesitant to add it to my routine–as I usually am with new products.

Thankfully, Solution hasn’t caused any problems for me whatsoever, and like I said, I’ve been using it daily for almost a week. (When a beauty product does cause side effects such as irritation or breakouts, that always happens to me within 24 to 48 hours, so I know I’m good to go with this one.)

It’s super easy to use. The liquid formula takes a little while to sink into the skin; I’d say somewhere between 30 seconds to a minute. I always apply it after removing makeup and cleansing. Afterwards I move onto toner, serum(s) and moisturizer. Because I do this routine at night, I hold off on sunscreen until morning (for obvious reasons).

Solution has a slightly tingly feeling to it, but that subsides as soon as it sinks fully into the skin. And it never stings me or leaves my face feeling overly dry or tight.

Like everything else Glossier, this product has a pleasant smell–it isn’t strong or chemical-y or alcohol-y at all. The scent reminds me a ton of Priming Moisturizer Rich, which has a lavender aroma.

Quite possibly the best thing about this product? It’s affordable! 4.4 fluid ounces costs $24. You can shop it, as well as the rest of Glossier’s skincare and makeup, through my Rep link. (P.S., Invisible Shield‘s price has been permanently reduced to $25, so stock up!)

I really look forward to the coming weeks, and seeing how my skin improves after using Solution long-term. The rightmost corner of my forehead/temple is a huge problem area for me, as is my chin, so I hope to see spots there fully disappear. If that happens, it will be a pretty big deal, because those areas haven’t been completely clear since April or May. It’s a tall order, but Glossier is always up for the challenge.


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