My go-to Glossier face

Glossier is the perfect everyday makeup for those of us who have busy lives. When I’m in need of a no-fuss routine but still want to look polished, Glossier is the way to go.

I’m rounding out my celebration in honor of my one-year anniversary as a Glossier Rep, so I decided now is the perfect time to share one of my easy, everyday makeup looks! When it comes to getting ready for work in a cinch, and looking done–but never overdone–this Glossier combo is definitely my most-loved go-to. It is so simple and looks so fresh!

For those of you who follow me on Insta (@maduhlyn_ if you don’t!), you’ve already seen the breakdown of products I chose for this look. Now, I’m going to break it down even further by sharing my tips and tricks for flawless application with HM readers…

Stretch Concealer: I pat this product on with my fingers to my under-eyes and around my nose where I have a little redness. If I have any blemishes or other problem areas, I’ll add some there, too. Then, I let it sit on my skin for about 30 seconds so it gets a little tacky (this formula is ultra-creamy) before blending it in with my ring finger. This allows for more coverage. (Side note: You should always be using the ring finger when it comes to delicate areas like the under-eye.)

Wowder in Light/Medium: My ride or die powder! I use this to blot my t-zone and to set any concealer.

The coordinating Wowder brush makes application foolproof. Just dip the soft-yet-dense bristles onto the trampoline mesh to pick-up the powder, then buff it on. It applies seamlessly for a flawless, matte-not-flat finish!

Boy Brow: Boy Brow in Brown matches my natural hair color perfectly! But like all Glossier products, these guys are super adaptable, so each shade works for a range of different hair colors and complexions.

First, I apply one coat to my whole brow, brushing the “sprouts” at the beginning of my brows upwards. This is key to helping you look more awake 😉

Once the first coat is dry, I apply a second coat where I want a little more fullness. For me, that’s the tail of my brows. Easy!

Cloud Paint in Haze: My absolute favorite Cloud Paint shade! I don’t know how I lived so long without this. Like Glossier says, it gives you that post-pilates, just-had-a-chlorophyll-shot flush! And I love it.

I apply it in a C-shape on the orbital bones around my eyes because it’s the perfect shade for creating updated 80s vibes. It’s also a really fun change of pace from the apples of the cheeks. Plus, in my opinion, it eliminates the need for highlighter, so there’s one less step. But, you could totally add a highlighter on top if you want!

Generation G in Crush: Glossier’s site describes this shade as a hot raspberry pink, and that’s completely accurate.

I love a bold lip, but they’re not always office-appropriate, so that’s where Gen G comes in. All the colors are diffused and buildable.

For this look, I applied about 3 layers of Crush, my go-to spring and summer shade. I am all about the “popsicle stain” effect it gives!

This formula never seems to smudge on me, and when it starts to fade, it doesn’t look strange like the way traditional lipsticks seem to. So, there’s no babysitting required.

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