Meet The Newsette, my go-to lifestyle source | Beauty & wellness news

Earlier this week I received an invitation to join The Newsette‘s ambassador program. I am so excited to share this amazing beauty, wellness and lifestyle site with my community!

As I just mentioned, The Newsette shares informative and motivating original content on two of my most favorite topics: beauty and wellness. I am a *huuuge* lifestyle junkie.

It is geared towards an audience of busy, career-drive women (much like myself), who don’t have time every day to catch-up on all of their go-to lifestyle websites–let alone traditional magazines! Every morning, The Newsette delivers the stories I want straight to my inbox.

Per The Newsette,

The Newsette was started back in 2015 by Daniella Pierson as a way to inspire women everywhere before a busy day of work. As a college sophomore, Daniella found that she didn’t have enough time to visit her 50 favorite websites every morning, so she set out to design a newsletter that would deliver everything her subscribers wanted to read right to their inboxes. Now, The Newsette is delivered to hundreds of thousands of inboxes daily, and includes a site that is meant to inspire, motivate and inform career-focused and busy women before their first cups of coffee.

I have been obsessed with reading (and writing!) magazines since I learned to read (and write), so of course I instantly jumped on the opportunity to represent such an esteemed digital publication! The Newsette has a already worked with quite a few brands I love, including HUM Nutrition, ELLE and Coveteur.

Additionally, I really respect the fact that The Newsette publishes truly informative and interesting articles; one look at their site and you will notice immediately the complete lack of puff pieces. Scrolling through BS Cosmo and Galore posts during my daily commute is so boring and a waste of valuable time. I really don’t care too much for celeb gossip, trendy fast fashion retailers or cliche relationship advice.

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