Graphic t’s, statement pants & (faux) snakeskin

For me, fall fashion is all about mixing prints and textures. My latest mix combines an old-school graphic t-shirt, sparkly pants and animal-print boots in a gorgeous burgundy color that’s perfect for fall.

Temps have been low in New York City for the past two weeks, which means I have been living in these snakeskin booties. They keep my feet warm, look fabulous and match all the styles I normally wear; they make a statement without overpowering an outfit! But more importantly, they are the most comfortable heel I’ve ever owned.

Whether I’m running after the train, walking 20 blocks to work or simply strolling along the city streets on my lunch break (I’m lucky to have an office in such a great location), I know I can count on these guys. They definitely receive an A+ from an always-on-the-move millennial. 😉

I can’t live without a little height boost, and in my XLE booties, I never sacrifice stature for style. And while I love wearing sneakers, its fun to look feminine and polished, too. My style changes a lot day to day, and I need shoes that can keep up with me. Don’t get me wrong–athleisure is awesome, but the perfect animal print booties take me back to my rock ‘n’ roll roots. (Growing up on my parents’ music, my style is heavily influenced by it.)

Recently, I dressed them down with an effortless Budweiser t and a pair of “no kirakira necessary” sparkly pants. With a structured blazer or moto jacket, this look easily goes from “comfy and casual day-off” to “business as usual” (at least in my fashion-forward office it does).


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