One of the (Play)boys

Late last year I discovered Los Angeles-based brand Joyrich. A fun streetwear label with plenty of unisex pieces (and a prime location on Melrose Avenue), Joyrich has caught the attention of model Luna Sobrino, YouTuber stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan and robot/influencer @lilmiquela.

What drew me to Joyrich first and foremost was the label’s ongoing collection with Playboy. I’m always quick to admit I love the art and the creative work that goes into the “gentlemen’s” magazine. (Over the past several years, it’s blown American Vogue out of the park. Plus, the articles are usually entertaining and sometimes full of useful information.)

While I love German designer Philipp Plein’s collaboration with Playboy as well, it is very pricey. That’s why I was so thrilled to find an affordable Playboy collection via Joyrich! On my last trip to LA in December, I popped in the Joyrich boutique while perusing Melrose and snagged a hot pink Playboy sweater on sale. There were a lot of great options, but I knew I’d get the most use out of this piece–I am always in some sort of crewneck knit this time of year. The hot pink color is a nice change of pace from my go-to neutrals (as well as a prime juxtaposition against cold, gray New York City, my home base).

During the somewhat mild January weather we had recently (45°f feels pretty warm when it was less than 5°f only a couple days prior), I paired the sweater with another LA-based favorite.

Are You Am I, the namesake label by blogger-turned-designer Rumi Neely, doesn’t have a single bad piece. Sure, certain designs may not be the most flattering on me, but everything I do own from AYAI is beautiful! For this look I decided to contrast the heavy, knit sweater with a smooth silk skirt in a natural champagne color called Fawn.

To polish off the entire outfit I chose my Fila Distuptor II sneakers in white. They tie in nicely to the sweater’s white details.


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