Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the launch party for Danielle Guizio’s new Footwear collection in New York City.

Earlier this year, when I first fell in love with the up-and-coming streetwear designer, I never imagined I’d be a guest at the launch of her footwear line, so I was super excited when I received an invitation to this exclusive event.

The celebration was held in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District at the High Line Hotel in The Refectory–known as one of the most beautiful rooms in New York City–and it definitely delivered. (Seriously, can I have my wedding reception there?)

Front and center were some of the new GUIZIO footwear designs: five pairs of spiky-heeled booties.

In white, red and black, these shoes definitely make a statement–even when worn with the designer’s signature sweatsuits and track pants. Unique textures like patent leather and python, along with details like crisscross laces, o-ring pulls, zippers, grommets, buckles and straps, truly add to this footwear collection’s one-of-a-kind steez.

Still, they’re versatile. They look effortlessly fab with anything from denim to leather to knitwear. And, they can easily be dressed up or down; they’re stilettos, but like I said, they pair perfectly with athletic-inspired pieces like Guizio’s.

Guizio’s footwear designers [source:]

For the event celebrating these babies, I sported all black with pops of pink. Of course, I just *had* to wear my DG fishnet bodysuit 😉

Underneath I layered a strapless balconette-style bra for a feminine touch, then paired it with Adidas Originals track pants to play up GUIZIO’s athleisure vibes.

For a little height I sported a pair of black heeled booties (although they aren’t from Guizio’s namesake line) for my night out in the City, along with a customized coordinating bag from Pop & Suki.

And to polish everything off, I added my (vegan) leather jacket with pale pink and baby blue embroidered flowers. This jacket is absolutely gorgeous, and definitely one of my main go-to’s for a night out. I love how its long fit brings some structure to my otherwise relaxed look.

I also went for a bold makeup look to match the flashy getup, so I went a very minimal route in terms of other embellishments–just my rose gold nameplate necklace for a subtle sparkle, as well as undone hair with a middle part. (More on all that in a future post.)

Shop my look:

Jacket, Blank NYC, $168

Bodysuit, Danielle Guizio, $63

Bra, Free People, no longer available (similar here)

Track pants, Adidas, $70

Booties, Free People, no longer available (similar here)

Bag, Pop & Suki, $195


I’m not 100 percent ready for summer to end, but I do love fall fashion. And I’m especially a fan of the athleisure trend that has been popular over the last couple years.

Lower temperatures are beginning to set in, so I decided to incorporate some atheleisure vibes for a casual early autumn look.

Regardless of the weather, I tend to favor full-length leggings over cropped styles. (Is it me, or are they just more flattering?)

So, to make things autumnal, I went for this gorgeous olive green color. It’s muted enough to match almost anything, but it is a nice change of pace from typical black or gray pairs. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still *love* my grays.

White is my favorite neutral, so I paired these leggings with a white cropped tank. Because the fabric is super smooth, this top is perfect for wearing with athletic-inspired looks. But, it also has ultra-skinny straps, so it’s still feminine–not overpowering–which I love.

These two pieces work perfectly together in my opinion. The high-waist on the athletic pants elongates the legs while also compensating for the crop top’s lack of coverage. It’s definitely a silhouette I can see myself rocking all season long and into the next (with various jackets, sweaters and scarves, of course).

When I ordered these Free People leggings, I was a little nervous they may not fit 100 percent because they are only available in two sizes (XS/S and M/L). It turns out, these are some of the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn!

I love that they’re impossibly soft and stretch with my body, yet supportive enough to get me through some my fav workouts, including cycling and pilates. They’re perfecting for taking from the streets to the gym, and I cannot wait to get them in another color (or two).

To top off the look I added a pair of classic white vans with a tan sole. These are definitely my go-to shoes when I need something both stylish and practical. I love that the athleisure trend has made supportive sneakers part of a fashionable wardrobe.

I skipped jewelry and accessories all-together, as I typically do with my athletic-inspired looks. My style tends to be minimal most of the time, anyway.

Shop my look:

Cropped tank, Free People, $20

Leggings, Free People, $68

Shoes, Vans, $55


The only thing better than putting on makeup is taking it off! As much as I love makeup, I love having a bare face more; nothing beats leaving the house with just sunscreen or a little bb cream. So, when it’s finally time to take everything off, I definitely have my go-to products.

Because I love going makeup-free so often, I’ve tried quite a few different makeup removers over the years. I know what my favorites are, and I’ve discovered that I tend to favor water-based products over their oil- or silicone-based counterparts.

Whether you regularly rock a full face of makeup, or you prefer a more natural look like I do, there’s something on my shortlist for every need.

Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier: With my normal-to-oily skin, this cleanser is a little too gentle for my liking; I prefer something a bit stronger. But, MJC doubles as a makeup remover when applied to dry skin. 

Because it is so gentle, it melts down makeup–even eye makeup–without any stinging or irritation. I love using this on dry skin first, to remove makeup, then following up with my go-to cleanser for a complete clean.
Like I mentioned, MJC is super gentle. It is formulated with a mild cleanser, similar to the one used in contact solution. Glossier also replaced 1/4 the formula’s water with rosewater, a popular soothing agent. $18, Glossier

Sensibio H2O Wipes by Bioderma: I’ve tried so many different makeup remover wipes, and these are at the very top of my list! Not only are they super saturated, they are full of Bioderma’s cult-favorite micellar solution.

Micelles act like magnets, pulling dirt, grime and other impurities from the pores, including makeup. I always keep these guys in my medicine cabinet at home, but they’re great for traveling, too! This is because, with their micellar power, they simultaneously remove makeup *and* cleanse the skin.

Bioderma’s cult-favorite micelle solution is also something I love to have on-hand because it’s great as a “second cleanse”. “Double cleansing” is popular throughout the beauty community, and personally, I’m a huge fan.

After removing makeup then cleansing with something soapy, I love going in with a micellar water like Bioderma’s; it helps pick-up any dirt and makeup the first left behind for completely clean skin. $9.90, Beautylish

Lash Nourishing Makeup Remover Pads by Pixi: As much as I love the mess-free ease of makeup remover wipes, many of them are way too harsh on my eyes and even cause lashes to fall out. So, I was so pleasantly surprised to discover these Lash Nourishing pads by Pixi while browsing at Target.

They’re specifically designed to remove makeup from the eye area, so not only are they super gentle, but they’re loaded with castor oil, which is known to strengthen hair, including the eyelashes. Plus, you get a ton of bang for your buck; a jar of 80 pads costs $10! (They’re double-sided, so one pad typically works for both eyes.)

Unlike coconut oil, castor oil is extremely thick and messy to work with, so finding the time to include it in my daily beauty routine has been nearly impossible. Thankfully, these makeup remover pads make it a breeze, and using castor oil on your lashes becomes a task as mindless as taking your makeup off! $10, Target

Coconut oil: Coconut oil, loved by so many for its countless purposes, works as a makeup remover–and it’s great for stubborn products, especially waterproof mascara. It also deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin around the eye area. And a little really goes a long way!

I *always* have a jar of coconut oil in my medicine cabinet because I love using it as a weekly hair mask, but it definitely comes in handy for those occasional intense eye looks that typical makeup removers just can’t clean up on their own. Prices vary, available at grocers


Until recently I’ve never been a one-piece type of gal. But last year, I bought my first and never looked back; earlier this year, I added another one-piece to my swimwear collection.

As soon as I saw this swimsuit, I knew I had to have it. White is my absolute favorite color as far as swimwear goes, and this one couldn’t be more perfect: it’s low-cut and backless with just the right amount of cheekiness on the bum. Even though it’s a one-piece, this suit has plenty of sex appeal.

I am also a huge fan of spaghetti straps (in fact, I hope to wear a spaghetti strap wedding gown one day); I love how delicate they look, plus they accentuate the collarbones. This suit has classic spaghetti straps, but one is adorned with ultra-femme pink flower appliqués. Though it is eye-catching, it’s far from flashy, so I feel this suit is girly in a grownup way.

Although I tend to have tomboy-inspired style (I can’t live without my ripped jeans or oversized button-downs), I love to get girly from time to time. When the weather gets chilly, I go for skirts and stockings, but during the summertime, I am all about sexy swimwear.

Additionally, it’s always cool to support small, up-and-coming designers. I purchased this piece via Poshmark from a user named ninaroserusso who hand-sews this suit, as well as a few other similar ones (including a matching ‘kini).

This suit is feminine and fashionable, but because it’s a one-piece, it’s also practical! It’s comfortable while swimming, and it’s also great for relaxing poolside with a book or mag. I believe this suit is also simple enough that it’ll never go out of style, so I can’t wait to break it out next summer, too!


Just like we take vitamins to boost our bodies’ performance, our skin needs supplements to help it become its strongest. That’s where serums come in.

Serum. The word itself sounds intimidating. Pleasant, but intimidating. So, many women (especially young women) fail to include serums in their skincare routines. After all, who’d put something on their face that they know little to nothing about?

I truly believe that the lack of serums in our skincare routines comes from a lack of understanding. There are so many different serums on the market; it seems impossible to know which one is right for you (or which one will give you the most bang for your buck–some serums can be pretty pricey).

But, that’s just the thing–Glossier insists you’re not just a “skin type”. Throughout the course of a month, multiple environmental and internal factors play a role in throwing our skin off-balance (some of which we have very little control over). Life happens, and we need a few different serums to help us along the way.

That’s where Glossier comes in.

Nearly a year ago, the New York-based skincare and makeup company debuted The Supers: three nutrient-rich serums for both the beauty newbie and the beauty junkie alike.

If you are new to serums (or skincare in general), don’t worry: The Supers are super simple (pun intended).

There’s Super Bounce, to restore your skin’s moisture and elasticity (like after a long flight or when you’re hungover).

Then, there’s Super Glow, for when late nights or secondhand smoke (or anything else) leaves your skin dull.

And lastly there’s Super Pure, to calm blemishes caused by stress, hormonal freak-outs or junk food binges.

Unlike other serums on the market with which many of you beauty junkies may be familiar, The Supers aren’t loaded with the various mixtures of the same oils that only provide temporary relief but do nothing for the long-term well-being of your skin. (Some of these oily serums may also be too much for sensitive skin to handle, doing more harm than good in many cases.)

Per Glossier, “over time Super Glow evens skin tone, and creates a light-reflective complexion,” while Super Bounce “plumps skin up with moisture and brings back elasticity for supple softness—the ‘bounce’ you want.”

And Super Pure not only “visibly soothes redness and helps calm blemishes,” but also “gets troubled skin in check and flushes out impurities, including excess sebum that builds up inside pores.”

Together, The Supers “refill your skin’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day.” Because on a given day, your skin’s needs can change, and Glossier believes your product lineup should help you adapt–and I couldn’t agree more.

You can shop each Super individually, or save when you choose The Super Pack, which includes all three serums. They’ll fit perfectly into your already-established skincare routine: after cleanser, before moisturizer.