Wearing ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lip in Felix

Left to right: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle in Freckle Fiesta, Tonymoly Get It Tint Water Bar in Orange In Red, ColourPop USL in Felix, Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick in Doll & Tonymoly Get It Tint in Oops Orange

Last spring (thanks to my better-late-than-never discovery of K-beauty) I got into orange lipstick–it was my color of choice all summer long and even made a few appearances during my transition to fall/winter makeup.

After a few weeks of searching for this year’s best options, I am so excited to start rocking orange lips all over again! Orange really is the ultimate warm-weather lip color. It goes great with a tan. It pairs perfectly with “no makeup” makeup (as well as with a full face). And it works for day or night.

I found ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lip in Felix–I should’ve known ColourPop carried the *exact* shade I had in mind all along–and I am truly in love with this formula! Why did I wait so long to try it? With a peachy-nude liner underneath, Felix applies evenly and with bold pigment payoff (plus, it is beyond comfortable to wear). It’s only June, but I already know I will be wearing Felix all summer!

Lately I have been wearing my go-to orange lip with a bronze-y/brown smoky eye. The plum, purplish undertones in ColourPop’s Cloud Nine pressed powder eyeshadow *really* make the orange lip pop, and enhancing the eyes with a metallic bronze shadow ties the whole look together.

My regular readers know that I tend to gravitate towards warm, golden highlighters, which are the ideal match for orange lips; the summery tones play off each other so well. I have been reaching for Glossier‘s Haloscope in Topaz and theBalm’s Bonnie-Dew Manizer when I’m wearing an orange lip color. Both options give the skin a natural-looking, lit-from-within glow!

Besides orange lipstick, another go-to for me recently has been this bronzed, sultry eye and cheek combo (a tutorial with all the details is coming soon, I promise). I am so happy with how easy this entire look is to put together! Although I look somewhat polished, I still feel like myself.


When it comes to methods of removal, I have tried a ton of different options–everything from at-home wax kits, Nair and shaving to professional waxing and threading.

After years of waxing pretty much everything from the neck down (both at home and at the salon), I decided to (reluctantly) go back to shaving; my aesthetician recommended it. So much waxing, which is somewhat of a harsh process, caused my skin to become thin over time. Thankfully, however, years of ripping hairs from their roots left me with fewer strands, so I have far less to deal with than I did originally.

At age 24 I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of shaving. I know what works for my skin and what doesn’t, but no matter how careful I am, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and skin irritation are sometimes unavoidable (especially during the summertime when I’m shaving more frequently). Not to mention, the results last two days at most, whereas waxing leaves skin smooth for weeks at a time.

That’s where FUR Oil comes in.

The FUR team was kind enough to send me their signature Oil to review for Haute Mess readers, and I am so thankful they did–it was definitely a product missing from my routine! Normally after showering/shaving, I’d go in with a moisturizing body lotion (I love c. Booth’s 4-in-1 Coconut Fig body lotion, as well as Glossier‘s Daily Perfecting Cream), but that really isn’t enough for post-shaved skin. I noticed a *huuuge* change after I started using FUR Oil.

This product is much more soothing than even the most nourishing and hydrating body lotions. It instantly reduces irritation and inflammation that razors tend to leave behind, softening the skin and giving it a silky-smooth feel–something I thought was only possible after waxing.

In addition to the skin, FUR Oil softens the hair itself, so I get a closer, smoother shave with each use. On days I don’t shave, I mix a little FUR Oil with my body lotion to maintain the softness and keep irritation at bay.

I’ve never been the type of gal to forgo hair removal all winter then begin again in time for summer, mainly because I don’t feel my best if I don’t–not to mention, I wear shorts to the gym all year long, travel often and am frequently in a swimsuit (the skimpier, the better in my opinion). Hair removal is a year-long affair for me, so proper aftercare is necessary. To me, hair removal has always been a basic part of hygiene, whether or not I’m wearing shorts or dating anyone at the time.

Modern “feminism” has made body hair removal a bit of a taboo for women. But in my opinion, a feminist is a woman who does whatever she wants without judging others for doing the opposite.

Being hairless, for lack of a better term, makes my skin feel softer and makes my body feel cleaner overall. And, what’s most important, is that it makes me happy. I feel more confident and put-together when I’m clean-cut.




Before and after Lash Slick! I’m also wearing Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium, Boy Brow in Brown, Stretch Concealer in Medium, Wowder in Light/Medium, Cloud Paint in Dusk and Generation G in Leo.

Disclosure: I am a Glossier Rep, and I received this product as a gift from Glossier. All opinions are my own, and I am not required to post about the brand or its products at any time on any of my digital platforms. 

I always thought that, if Glossier were to create a mascara, I wouldn’t be into it. Even when the rest of my makeup looks as natural as can be, I love a high-impact lash–and Glossier isn’t known for high impact makeup. Glossier is known for “no-makeup” makeup and killer skincare. After all, the motto is “Skin first. Makeup second.”

Normally, I’m all about no-makeup makeup–but not when it comes to my lashes. The bigger, the better.

So, when Lash Slick arrived in the mail, it took me by surprise. I had just picked up a new mascara during Sephora’s VIB sale that was already underperforming, and after years of frustration with mascara (I’ve never bought the same one twice), I just didn’t feel I was in the market for another new one. All the formulas I’ve tried–and trust me, there’s been a lot–either look clumpy and unnatural, don’t do the job or–most often–look great upon application, but end up smudged all over my under-eye in 20 minutes. I thought it was just me.

It turns out, per Into The Gloss (Glossier’s “editorial arm”), that many makeup users struggled to find the perfect mascara. That is, until ITG took it upon themselves to develop the perfect mascara.

More than 240 trial formulas later, Glossier finally launched Lash Slick. I think the name suits this formula very well.

As a Glossier Rep, I received this mascara a few days before the official launch, so I’ve been wearing it for a while now, and I’m already so in love.

It’s full of tiny fibers that cling to your lashes, making them look long, fluttery (like, really fluttery) and wispy. Vegan biotin and natural polymers ensure healthy, shiny lashes with every use. The best part? After a long day of work in NYC that began with a seasonal allergy attack (i.e., itchy, irritated, watery eyes), there was absolutely no smudging or flaking. I couldn’t believe it!

If, like me, you’re guilty of a self-indulgent cry while watching military homecoming videos (it’s therapeutic), Lash Slick is your holy grail mascara. It quickly became mine, and I can’t see myself reaching for a different one for everyday use.

Let’s talk about the wand. It’s sleek with plastic (or are they rubber?) teeth; it’s not the fluffy bristle kind, is what I’m trying to say–thankfully! I do not like those kinds of wands. They’re way too bulky, so I always end up getting mascara everywhere but my lashes, or worse–jabbing myself in the eye. So painful!

Lash Slick is easy to use, and a second coat never causes lashes to stick together. The wand makes precise application nearly effortless; every lash is coated with fiber-filled mascara, and the results looks incredibly natural–and so stunning!

I should also mention that removal is ridiculously easy, too. Instead of running down your face, Lash Slick comes off in tiny clumps–just add warm water! Before washing my face, I remove all my makeup except the mascara, then massage Glossier’s Milky Jelly into my skin. Lash Slick breaks down and is easily wiped away!

Click here to try this revolutionary mascara for yourself.


Back again with another easy, daytime beauty look for spring! I love dewy skin, so for this look, I decided to ditch to powder products all-together (except for a tiny bit of Wowder to set the concealer under my eyes and around my nose), and pile on Face Gloss instead.

Like I just mentioned, putting this makeup look together was super-easy. I used Bali Body’s BB Cream (I’m in the shade Natural), Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer (Light Neutral) and Glossier‘s Wowder (Light/Medium) to create a flawless base with medium coverage. To ensure my face stayed as dewy as possible, I angled the Wowder brush carefully to maintain full control when setting my under-eye concealer for precise application. With the same technique, I also set the concealer around my nose, where I tend to get a little redness (especially during allergy season). I “melted” the powder into my skin with MAC’s Fix+, my fav setting spray.

Cream bronzers and blushes are the best! Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Mocha is the best for contouring and rinsing up the skin. It blends like the dream and always looks really natural. I used this on the hollows of my cheeks, my temples, along my hairline, in the crease of my eyes and across the bridge of my nose to create a glowy, sun kissed effect and add a little definition. Normally, I would add a powder bronzer on top (my go-to is BECCA’s Capri Coast), but decided to skip that step for this look; a natural look is key.

In place of blush, I went in with Fenty’s Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Rum on the apples of my cheeks. This really amped up the bronze-y glow.

I used the tips of my fingers to press Milk Makeup’s Face Gloss into the skin on the cheek bones, orbital eye bones, brow bones and cupid’s bow–all the places I normally add highlighter. This product catches the light just as well as a highlighter–if not better than a highlighter–but with an ultra-dewy, never shimmery finish. A little goes a long way with Face Gloss, so it’s best to start with a small amount and layer more on top where you want more.

Glossier‘s Boy Brow (in Brown) is the brow product I use, and it goes perfectly with the rest of the makeup I used today. Two coats always gives me bolder brows with a natural, feathery look.

After combing and curling my lashes, I added two coats of Milk’s new KUSH mascara. This was my first time trying it out, so I am really excited to see how it holds up throughout the day. (I can’t seem to find a mascara that doesn’t smudge under my eyes…)

To polish off the look (literally), I applied two coats of Fenty’s Gloss Bomb (in the shade Fenty Glow). This gloss is intensely shiny, which was my goal, with the most gorgeous pink-peach-nude undertones. It applies evenly and weightlessly, and has a smooth, fresh, never-sticky feeling.


I *looove* a good lived-in makeup look. Surprisingly, though, they took me a while to perfect (or, should I say, imperfect). But I’ve been practicing a ton, and I am so happy with how this daytime glam look came out!

To start, I used my standard base combo: Bali Body’s BB Cream (I’m in the shade Natural), Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer (Light Neutral) and Glossier‘s Wowder setting/blotting powder (Light/Medium). I also took some Shape Tape onto my eyelids for a more even base.

I love the subtle cat-eye shape I created with the help of Chanel’s Le Crayon Yeux eye pencil in the shade 01 – Noir.

Seldom to I wear eyeliner the “normal” way. I typically smudge it on my lower lash line, the create a wing on the upper lash like to accentuate my eye shape. I love creating a super-tiny wing, like this one, to make the look more appropriate for daytime.

My hack is to hide the less-than-perfect lines by smudging a matte black eyeshadow on top. (I used the shade Let’s Do It by ColourPop, which seems to no longer be available.) I applied it with a standard pencil brush, then used a small fluffy brush to really blend it.

Instead of eyeshadow, which can be really time-consuming, I put two layers of Natasha Denona’s Chroma Crystal Top Coat in Nude on my lids. This is one of the most stunning, sparkly products I’ve ever used. I am in love with the diffused glow–perfect for using all-over the eyelid.

I finished up the eyes by adding a matte bone shade (by ColourPop) to highlight my brow bones and inner corners, added two coats of Glossier‘s Boy Brow in Brown and two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. (Recently, I’m not thrilled with any mascaras I’ve tried, so send recommendations my way.)

All my readers know how much I love a glowing, bronzed look, but I feel that doesn’t really work with these old-school glam vibes. To warm-up my face without going full-glam, I added a small amount of Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Matte Skinstick in the shade Mocha to the hollows of my cheeks, my temples and along my hairline. This product is super easy to blend out with your fingers! For a more diffused look, I added theBalm’s Bahama Mama matte bronzer/contour on top using a fluffy powder brush from ColourPop.

I can’t go without highlighter! For this look I went with theBalm’s Bonnie-Dew Manizer, a new take on a classic favorite, and pressed it into my cheekbones and Cupid’s bow for a softer, lit-from-within glow. This highlighter is intense, making it is extremely easy to go overboard, so I worked using very light layers until I achieved my ideal golden glow. Then, I set everything with MAC’s Fix+.

Terracotta lip colors are definitely a favorite of mine, but for a more casual occasion (such as work), I like to go for a more “melted” look. I always prep with Glossier‘s Balm Dotcom in Coconut before I start my makeup, so that my lips are ready for color by the time I’m all done.

By blotting the lipstick (today I’m wearing Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle in Freckle Fiesta) in the center of my lips, then rubbing them together, I can easily create the diffused, daytime look I’m after–no lip liner necessary! I do this 2 or 3 times for more color payoff.