No matter how gorgeous a makeup look is, it won’t live up to its full potential without a strong foundation (pun fully intended).

Creating a base that perfects my skin’s appearance while still maintaining that real-skin look is super important to me. I hate looking unnatural or caky, so I’ve never worn a traditional foundation.

Although innovations in the beauty industry have made possible huge improvements in the look and feel of foundation, I just can’t get with it. (But I do have my eyes on NARS’ Matte Foundation Stick…)

Instead, I put skincare first so I don’t need full-coverage makeup, which allows me to focus on lighter, build-able formulas like the ones listed here.

Just like makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes says, as long as your skin and brows look natural, you can have as much fun with the other stuff (i.e., eyes, cheeks and lips) as you want 😉


Primers are necessary for several reasons! First and foremost, they protect your skin from absorbing too much makeup, which has a tendency to clog the pores. They also add to the longevity of your makeup’s wear while smoothing skin’s surface for a more even application.

My skin is on the oily side, so I gravitate towards pore-refining primers. With some product on my fingertips, I gently press it into the skin where my pores are visible (my t-zone). Then, I’ll go in with a moisturizing primer (like Glossier’s!) everywhere else. I love First Aid Beauty’s because it combines the best of both worlds; it minimizes pores *and* moisturizes for a smooth surface.

  • Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer, $22-$45, Sephora
  • Priming Moisturizer, $22, Glossier
  • First Aid Beauty Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer, $30, Sephora


Bali Body BB Cream (Natural): This has been my holy grail for over a year, and I am super-reluctant to try anything else! I am obsessed with the glowy, buildable coverage it gives. Certain days, when my skin is really behaving and the darkness under my eyes is minimal, BB Cream is the only product I’ll wear.

The ingredients (hydronic acid, marine collagen and green tea) can’t be beat. They combine to give your face a glow-y, natural finish (think: your skin but better). And it allows any products you put on top (like bronzer or blush) to blend perfectly–no patchiness whatsoever! $29.95, Bali Body

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (Medium): Although I do wear this product on its own sometimes, I mostly keep it on-hand to mix with BB Cream when I’m on the pale side.

It works with your skin, not against it! Instead of sitting on top and caking up, Perfecting Skin Tint sinks in. And like pretty much everything else Glossier makes, the formula is silky and moisturizing. It really is the ideal product to mix with darker or heavier makeup when your tan fades or when you just want less coverage. $26, Glossier


I have two go-to concealers: one for fuller coverage when I’m creating an intense eye makeup look, and another for my no-makeup makeup days. Both are important to me!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Light Neutral): After all the hype on YouTube and from fellow bloggers, I invested in this product, and, to be honest, was a little disappointed at first. It looked extremely flakey on me even though it seemed to look flawless on everyone else.

So, I played around with it some more and finally got the hang of it–and started loving it. Now, I can’t imagine not having Shape Tape for all those bold eye looks!

For me, this product works best on well-moisturized skin (otherwise it can look flakey). I definitely recommend going in with an eye cream beforehand.

A little goes a long way with Shape Tape. I put it on my skin with the wand, then tap it out with my fingers. After that, I use ColorPop’s stippling brush in a buffing motion for flawless coverage. This works everywhere–my under-eyes, around my nose, wherever–and has really made all the difference when it comes to this concealer.

For more coverage, I’ll repeat those steps. I love that Shape Tape doesn’t look cake-y, even after two layers! $27, Ulta

Glossier Stretch Concealer (Medium): The best, most user-friendly concealer ever! I couldn’t be happier that I kicked my Erase Paste habit and tried Glossier’s instead. Even though I love almost everything from Benefit, Stretch really outshines their range of concealers.

I apply it with my ring finger, then let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds before blending. This really allows the product to get tacky, and the tackier consistency provides fuller coverage.

Stretch is a brightening concealer with the most gorgeous neutral undertones–not too pink, not too yellow! I’ve mentioned a few times on Haute Mess that it really does “stretch” over blemishes, giving that skin-like finish that I love.

Similar to Shape Tape, I will go in with a second layer of Stretch when and where I need it. $18, Glossier


As someone with normal-to-oily skin, powder is a necessary step for me when wearing makeup! If I skip it, other products (especially my concealer!) tend to slide around. I have two go-to powders that I love equally: one to pair with fuller coverage makeup, and another for lighter coverage makeup.

Both these products are skin-toned, meaning that neither of them give off that annoying and far-from-flattering white cast that other powders do.

Kat Von D Lock-It Blotting Powder (Medium): This powder is like magic. Not only does it provide a little more coverage on top of my BB Cream, Skin Tint and/or concealer, it makes me look completely pore-less! As the name states, Lock-It Blotting Powder also keeps makeup in place and oils at bay for hours on end. $29, Sephora

Glossier Wowder (Light/Medium): I know that I’ve spoken about Wowder a ton on here, but it really is *that* good. Infused with diamond powder and Vitamin E, Wowder gives the skin an oh-so-subtle sheen and a non-flat finish. It reduces shine, sets makeup, then vanishes into the skin without caking or settling into fine lines. Perfect for day and night! $22, Glossier

Setting Spray:

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+: I bought this cult-favorite setting spray for the first time ever a few months ago and already, I don’t want to use anything else in its place! Setting sprays I’ve used in the past always got the job done, but never like this.

Fix+ enhances the look of makeup, whether you spray it on your face after your look is complete, or spray it on your brushes for bolder color payoff during application.

The vitamin- and mineral-rich formula (which includes green tea, chamomile and cucumber) melts makeup into the skin, making any powdery finishes disappear. Because it is a professional-quality product, I always trust Fix+ to prolong makeup’s wear, too! $26, MAC Cosmetics


Glossier is the perfect everyday makeup for those of us who have busy lives. When I’m in need of a no-fuss routine but still want to look polished, Glossier is the way to go.

I’m rounding out my celebration in honor of my one-year anniversary as a Glossier Rep, so I decided now is the perfect time to share one of my easy, everyday makeup looks! When it comes to getting ready for work in a cinch, and looking done–but never overdone–this Glossier combo is definitely my most-loved go-to. It is so simple and looks so fresh!

For those of you who follow me on Insta (@maduhlyn_ if you don’t!), you’ve already seen the breakdown of products I chose for this look. Now, I’m going to break it down even further by sharing my tips and tricks for flawless application with HM readers…

Stretch Concealer: I pat this product on with my fingers to my under-eyes and around my nose where I have a little redness. If I have any blemishes or other problem areas, I’ll add some there, too. Then, I let it sit on my skin for about 30 seconds so it gets a little tacky (this formula is ultra-creamy) before blending it in with my ring finger. This allows for more coverage. (Side note: You should always be using the ring finger when it comes to delicate areas like the under-eye.)

Wowder in Light/Medium: My ride or die powder! I use this to blot my t-zone and to set any concealer.

The coordinating Wowder brush makes application foolproof. Just dip the soft-yet-dense bristles onto the trampoline mesh to pick-up the powder, then buff it on. It applies seamlessly for a flawless, matte-not-flat finish!

Boy Brow: Boy Brow in Brown matches my natural hair color perfectly! But like all Glossier products, these guys are super adaptable, so each shade works for a range of different hair colors and complexions.

First, I apply one coat to my whole brow, brushing the “sprouts” at the beginning of my brows upwards. This is key to helping you look more awake 😉

Once the first coat is dry, I apply a second coat where I want a little more fullness. For me, that’s the tail of my brows. Easy!

Cloud Paint in Haze: My absolute favorite Cloud Paint shade! I don’t know how I lived so long without this. Like Glossier says, it gives you that post-pilates, just-had-a-chlorophyll-shot flush! And I love it.

I apply it in a C-shape on the orbital bones around my eyes because it’s the perfect shade for creating updated 80s vibes. It’s also a really fun change of pace from the apples of the cheeks. Plus, in my opinion, it eliminates the need for highlighter, so there’s one less step. But, you could totally add a highlighter on top if you want!

Generation G in Crush: Glossier’s site describes this shade as a hot raspberry pink, and that’s completely accurate.

I love a bold lip, but they’re not always office-appropriate, so that’s where Gen G comes in. All the colors are diffused and buildable.

For this look, I applied about 3 layers of Crush, my go-to spring and summer shade. I am all about the “popsicle stain” effect it gives!

This formula never seems to smudge on me, and when it starts to fade, it doesn’t look strange like the way traditional lipsticks seem to. So, there’s no babysitting required.

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On Monday I shared with you my top Glossier skincare products. Now, I am excited to take it a step further by rounding up my five favorite, can’t-live-without-’em makeup products from the cult beauty brand!

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I am so thrilled to be celebrating my one-year anniversary as a Glossier Rep here, on Haute Mess, all week long! I also want to take the time to thank YOU, my readers, for your continued support throughout the past year; it means so much to me.

Stretch Concealer: Instead of foundation, I use a spot concealer to even out my skin‘s tone. Stretch Concealer applies seamlessly (unlike other spot concealers I’ve tried), camouflaging blemishes, redness and dark circles. To make this userfriendly product even easier, I always let the warmth of my fingers blend Stretch into my skin–no tools necessary!

This product definitely lives up to its name; it stretches over spots without compromising coverage, especially when you allow it about 30 seconds to get tacky before blending it out. Stretch also neutralizes redness and dark circles with an unbeatable real-skin finish. For me, it is the perfect everyday concealer.

Wowder: Glossier formulated the setting/blotting powder of my dreams! I actually have a whole post dedicated to this one-of-a-kind powder, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

But, I will say that with normal-to-oily skin, powder is pretty much a necessity for me. Otherwise, all other makeup tends to slip right off if I don’t put a powder on top. Not all powders are created equally, though.

Most tend to sit on the skin, emphasizing dry patches and looking caky. Wowder, on the other hand, keeps excess oils at bay and makeup in place with a flawless, never-flat finish.

Wowder is virtually undetectable on the skin, even under bright flash. It doesn’t affect skin’s tone or settle into any fine lines–ever. Thanks to diamond powder and Vitamin E, it looks glowy and smooth all day long!

I use Wowder day and night, for both casual and formal occasions (and everything in between).

(Plus, the packaging is great. The trampoline mesh ensures you never waste any product, while the brush is equal parts dense and soft.)

Boy Brow: Even though I have naturally full brows, Boy Brow keeps my hairs in place all day. The applicator makes it easy to brush “sprouts” upwards, making you look more awake and polished.

I use the brown shade to fill in any small gaps and make my entire makeup look look put-together. A little eyebrow makeup is essential for me when the rest of my face is done up, or else my brows tend to get lost.

If I accidentally get a little Boy Brow on my skin, there is never any reason to worry. I just let it dry (it takes between five and 10 seconds), then wipe it away with my ring finger. Quick and easy!

Did you see my recent IG post on how I apply Dusk and Haze? It went live after Glamour mag printed a feature on Cloud Paint.

Cloud Paint: This gel-creme blush definitely took some getting used to, but now that I have the hang of it, I can’t get enough!

I mentioned on Instagram over the weekend that my favorite shades are Haze and Dusk, but I love Beam, too. While Haze is a gorgeous berry color ideal for creating a post-workout flush without the workout, Dusk is a super easy, natural-looking way to create a little definition and to contour those cheekbones.

Beam is my go-to for no-makeup makeup days. It gives a really fresh, sun-kissed glow on the apples of the cheeks, and I’m obsessed.

Lip Gloss: No sparkles, no pigment, no fuss–just long-lasting, nourishing, glassy shine.

I love the look of a glossy lip, but most formulas make my pout peel like crazy. Not Glossier’s, though! This thick gloss, rich in Vitamin E and conditioning polymers, ensures a nourishing and non-goopy experience for the lips, whether it’s worn alone or on top of a lipstick or stain.

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As a Rep, one question I receive a lot is, “What are your favorite Glossier products?”

I love, love, looove Glossier makeup, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to this cult-favorite brand (and beauty in general), I definitely choose skincare over makeup.

To celebrate my 1-year anniversary as a Glossier Rep (I can’t believe it either!), I’ll be dishing G-related content on Haute Mess all week long! And I figured there is no better place to start than with the basics: skincare. (After all, the brand’s motto is “Skin first, makeup second.”)

Though it is pretty difficult for me to narrow it down to just five great products, there are definitely some that stand out more than others.

You’ve already heard me talk about how great these products are in various posts throughout the past year (and beyond), so I’ll try my best not to blab too much about them here today 😉

Balm Dotcom: Ever since I started using Balm Dotcom, I have completely disregarded all other lip balms. A little goes an extremely long way with this long-lasting universal skin salve that (in addition to the original unflavored version) is available in five flavors: Birthday, Cherry, Coconut, Mint and Rose.

If I had to pick, Coconut would be my favorite, but Birthday is a close second. No matter which one I choose, however, these guys *always* have my back through tough workouts, long commutes and harsh weather.

Solution: To say that this chemical exfoliator changed the game for me would be a complete understatement.

For months I struggled with a huge problem area on one side of my forehead, and nothing I did seemed to provide real results–until I tried Solution.

After using this product every day for about six weeks, the problem area cleared up completely! Now, I use Solution 3 to 4 times per week to keep my skin even and clear.

(If you would like to read more about my experience with Solution, check out my previous blog posts here and here.)

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack: As I’ve said a million times, I am a total mask junkie–and Glossier’s is definitely in my top 3. Although Mega Greens is super gentle, it is effective. And the effects are noticeable as soon as it’s washed off.

The Kaolin clay sucks up impurities and excess oils, while the nutrients from greens like parsley, spinach and cress sprout protect the skin from environmental pollutants.

Mega Greens also contains an antioxidant blend of eight powerful, vitamin- and omega-rich super-fruits that protects the skin from damage. This mask truly lives up to Glossier’s claim that it is “like a juice cleanse for your face.”

Tiny specks of bitter orange peel gently exfoliate the skin, wiping away dead cells, and avocado oil and aloe ensure this exfoliating clay mask isn’t too irritating or drying.

Every time I wash Mega Greens off, my skin feels incredibly soft and clean, and it looks noticeably brighter, too! I always keep it in my medicine cabinet because I use it about once a week.

Invisible Shield: Invisible Shield SPF+ is another game-changing product for me!

I’ve been wearing sunscreen on my face during the summertime since I was about 20, but I was never happy about it. Other formulas, even from trustworthy brands like Clinique, left a white cast, felt greasy and irritated my eyes big time.

Now, thanks to Invisible Shield, I wear sunscreen every single day, no questions asked. I love how this clear, serum-like formula soaks into the skin almost instantly, providing a chemical barrier from the sun’s rays, as well as from free radicals and pollution. It goes completely undetected on the skin and feels like nothing!

Don’t be fooled by the small bottle, either. The serum-y formula spreads evenly to cover your whole face with as little product as possible.

(For more on Invisible Shield, read my in-depth review!)

Priming Moisturizer: This multitasking moisturizer does wonders for my complexion. After 23 years of avoiding moisturizers at all costs, I finally became a daily user about one year ago (shortly after I became a Glossier Rep, not-so-coincidentally)

I love Priming Moisturizer because, while moisturizing, it also reduces redness drastically and blurs imperfections. This product definitely makes me feel super confident about my skin. And, much like Balm Dotcom, a little goes a long way with Priming Moisturizer. So, it takes me a couple months to go through one tube.

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My Lidstar collection–can’t decide which I love most.

Normally I prefer to get creative with dark, edgy and vampy makeup looks during the fall and winter, and tend to favor a bare (or near-bare) face during the spring and summer months.

This year, however, there are a few beauty trends that have caught my attention–and I am so eager to experiment with looks out of my comfort zone.

Wearing Glossier Lidstar in Lily

One-product sparkly eyelids: From Natasha Denona’s Chroma Crystal Top Coat that gained popularity over the holidays, to Glossier’s brand new Lidstar, glistening eye glow, the sparkly lid trends isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Lidstar–per Glossier’s “Less shadow, more glow” motto–is a sheer (but buildable) wash of color with a twinkling finish. And Natasha Denona’s formula is similar! The only real difference is that it’s a solid, whereas Lidstar is a whipped, lightweight mousse-y texture.

For daytime (or even on a night out, honestly), I love wearing one sparkly shade all over my lids for a monotone look. It comes off as relaxed and cool, and it is so easy to swipe a couple layers onto the lids (yes, with your fingers!), add some mascara and run out the door. I looove effortless makeup looks like this, especially during the warmer months.

Since I picked up Chroma Crystal Top Coat in Nude late last year, I can’t get enough! (I also have my eyes, no pun intended, on the Grey Brown shade.) Additionally, I am obsessed with Lidstar in Herb, Lily and Slip for the springtime! Herb is a smoky green with a yellow-gold pearl; Lily is a sheer lilac with blue and violet pearls (very 1990s/early 2000s); Slip is a sheer baby pink with a golden highlight.

Emporio Armani SS 2018 [source: Harper’s Bazaar]

Prada FW 2018 [source: Fashion Week Daily]

Dua Lipa [image via Instagram user @dualipa]

1990s blue shadow: Speaking of the 1990s, blue eyeshadow is back in full-force! And I love it! I don’t know much about Dua Lipa (or pop culture in general), but I do know she sported a killer, statement-making blue eyeshadow look at a recent show.

While blue-hued eyeshadow was all over the recent runways, Dua Lipa’s look really solidified this trend for me; I love how wearable she makes such a vivid and intense color seem.

Tadashi Shoji and Emporio Armani S/S 2018 come to mind, as do Carolina Herrera, Prada and Veronica Beard F/W 2018. I definitely have quite a few backstage shots from different shows pinned to recent mood boards for inspiration throughout spring and summer.

Last week I placed my first order ever from theBalm (I’m so excited!), which included a couple blue/teal shadows! I can’t wait to create a ton of blue eyeshadow looks all season long, so look out for a couple posts with all the details in the near future 😉

Winged eyeliner: Ok, so this isn’t as much of a trend as it is a classic, but I decided to include it in this post because I’ve really been loving it lately. For daytime, I love a lived-in cat eye that’s subdued and slightly smudged–with no other eye makeup besides mascara.

I’ve been practicing my winged liner a ton, and pairing it with the pink Lipstick Matches gifted to me by Red Earth. The easy-to-achieve “melted” look pairs perfectly with the effortlessly sexy cat eye.

[source: Instagram user @glossier]

Valentino ss 2018 [source: WWD]

Bella Hadid at Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2018 couture [source: eonline]

Orbital bone blush: There are hardly any 1980s trends that I am actually a fan of, but this is one that I am really into.

I first got into this look around this time last year when Glossier first debuted Cloud Paint; I was instantly drawn to Haze, a deep berry. Glossier suggested applying this shade–instead of on the apples of the cheeks where blush is typically applied–to the orbital bones around the eyes (where the company also suggests you apply Haloscope).

A few weeks ago I also used this technique to help recreate a Vanessa Hudgens makeup look (read all about it in my recent post). I married my blush (a combination of Cloud Paint in Beam and Benefit’s GALifornia) to my eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette mixed with Fenty Beauty’s Matchstick in Chili Mango and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife).

This ended up creating a really nice gradient effect, which made the bold colors a lot more wearable. It was also a really fun and fresh change-of-pace! I will definitely be continuing to use this method of application into the spring and summer–at least with my more bold blushes. (And I’ll be keeping all my subtle nude-y pink blushes on my cheeks.)

Much like blue eyeshadow, this makeup look has appeared in a multitude of fashion shows lately. Namely, Valentino S/S 2018 and Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2018 Couture.

While I won’t be pairing this eye/cheek combo with shoulder pads, geometric patterns or chunky, waist-high belts anytime soon, I will be integrating it into my routine in an updated, more natural-looking way. When you do this with bright or berry blushes, it makes for a really easy everyday look that still comes off as updated and cool.

Gold highlighter: Regular readers know that I am *always* about the warm, sun-kissed glow no matter the time of year. So, it only makes sense that when higher temperatures hit, the glow heats up, too.

In addition to my cheek bones, lately I’ve been loving gold highlights (like Glossier‘s Haloscope in Topaz and Fenty’s Trophy Wife) on the inner corners of my eyes, tip of my nose and cupid’s bow.

Blotted “popsicle” lips: I really got into blotted, seemingly popsicle-stained lips last spring, and I am so excited to start sporting them again this year! Because I’ve spent so much time in L.A. over the past few months, I have been able to stock up on a ton of Korean beauty, which arguably started the blotted lip trend.

While shopping at Little Tokyo’s Tonymoly, I was on the hunt for an orange lip color, something I don’t have much of in my collection. I ended up picking up LIPTONE Get It Tint in Oops Orange, as well as the LIPTONE Get It Tint Water Bar in Orange In Red.

Both these have the staying power of a stain, which is great for the carefree spring and summer months because you won’t have to babysit your lip color when you wear these guys. I also really love the feel of Water Bar; it’s super hard to describe, but it feels cold and slightly wet, in a super nourishing (yet lightweight!) way.

Finally, I picked up something I’ve had my eye on since last summer: Glossier’s Generation G in Crush. I have a feeling this will be my go-to lip color of the season.