Although spring/summer style never excited me much growing up, I can’t help but be inspired by it more and more as I get older. This year I have been discovering new and unexpected ways to mix patterns as weather gets warmer. Don’t get me wrong–it is still pretty chilly here in New York City, but in the world of fashion, spring has already sprung.

Last week I saw blogger and style icon Lucy Williams in a dress I already owned, and I thought the way she wore it was so genius. So, I recreated the look for myself and put my own spin on it.

Instead of opaque tights, like the ones Lucy wore, I decided to show a little skin with a sheer pair. The dress has a high neckline and long sleeves; to make it look cheekier, I chose sheer tights.

While I love mixing prints, I never would have thought to wear this ornate comic-print dress with patterned tights. But this cheetah pair gives it a fresh, updated (and slightly sexy) feel.

The dress itself has pops of muted blue, yellow and pink throughout, so the subdued color palette really keeps the entire outfit looking sleek. It is even more streamlined with black tights.

Other than shoes, I definitely did not feel the need to accessorize. Lucy’s feet are not visible in her photos, so I was left to my own devices when it came to footwear. Normally, I go for heels when I rock a dress and tights, but I wanted to be a little more dressed down this time around. Because this look makes enough of a statement on its own, I slipped on my Fila Disruptor II’s.

Their chunky design gives me the height boost I crave, while also balancing the busy top half of this outfit. (And the all-white colorway maintains the subtle color palette I had in mind since I started putting the look together.) Overall, the Fila’s Disruptor is a “dad” shoe that gives any outfit a boyish edge.


Late last year I discovered Los Angeles-based brand Joyrich. A fun streetwear label with plenty of unisex pieces (and a prime location on Melrose Avenue), Joyrich has caught the attention of model Luna Sobrino, YouTuber stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan and robot/influencer @lilmiquela.

What drew me to Joyrich first and foremost was the label’s ongoing collection with Playboy. I’m always quick to admit I love the art and the creative work that goes into the “gentlemen’s” magazine. (Over the past several years, it’s blown American Vogue out of the park. Plus, the articles are usually entertaining and sometimes full of useful information.)

While I love German designer Philipp Plein’s collaboration with Playboy as well, it is very pricey. That’s why I was so thrilled to find an affordable Playboy collection via Joyrich! On my last trip to LA in December, I popped in the Joyrich boutique while perusing Melrose and snagged a hot pink Playboy sweater on sale. There were a lot of great options, but I knew I’d get the most use out of this piece–I am always in some sort of crewneck knit this time of year. The hot pink color is a nice change of pace from my go-to neutrals (as well as a prime juxtaposition against cold, gray New York City, my home base).

During the somewhat mild January weather we had recently (45°f feels pretty warm when it was less than 5°f only a couple days prior), I paired the sweater with another LA-based favorite.

Are You Am I, the namesake label by blogger-turned-designer Rumi Neely, doesn’t have a single bad piece. Sure, certain designs may not be the most flattering on me, but everything I do own from AYAI is beautiful! For this look I decided to contrast the heavy, knit sweater with a smooth silk skirt in a natural champagne color called Fawn.

To polish off the entire outfit I chose my Fila Distuptor II sneakers in white. They tie in nicely to the sweater’s white details.


Happy New Year! Pantone dubbed Living Coral 2019’s color, and I have been into pastels lately (especially lavender), so I combined the two for this fresh look.

I paired a chenille sweater with the amazing Givenchy flares I scored while thrifting in California. Wasteland’s three SoCal locations are always full of gems, but these pants are hands-down my best find. While I’m not sure what season they are from, Farfetch had them listed for over $2,000 at the time I purchased them from Wasteland (in Studio City) for under $200. What a steal!

The mix of thick and cozy textures keeps me warm during the cold Northeast winter, while the color palette screams spring. And this combination of cold-weather fabrics and mild-weather hues makes for the perfect winter-to-spring transition. Overall, the entire look has a really fresh feel that I love wearing this time of year.

When temperatures remain low for weeks on end, getting in a style rut is all too easy. So, I try my best to stay polished. Pulling on a pair of tailored trousers like these is one of the quickest tricks I use to instantly boost my style. Because I don’t love looking super structured, I almost always balance tailored bottoms with slouchy tops. During the spring and summertime I love wearing vintage t-shirts with menswear-inspired pants, but when weather is cold I definitely gravitate toward knit sweaters.

Flared pants like these really help elongate my petite frame. To accentuate the illusion, I chose to wear my go-to black booties that have a chunky block heel. But in the near future, I will undoubtedly be dressing my Givenchy flares down with Doc Martens or even Fila Disruptor II’s.


Collabs are pretty hit-or-miss for me; they are either amazing or they completely flop. My latest obsession is Harmony’s collaboration with ASICS.

My (extremely) flat feet make it nearly impossible to find a pair of shoes that is comfortable *and* stylish. But thanks to athleisure trends over the past several years, sneakers have become not only acceptable for everyday wear, but encouraged. Still, shopping for shoes can be a little discouraging for me, as popular Nike or Adidas styles don’t fit my flat feet quite right–even with customized orthopedic inserts.

Not going to lie, at age 17 or 18 I was totally bummed when my doctor recommended the brand ASICS. They felt clunky (especially on someone petite like me) and outdated. I quickly found, however, that I felt more confident in a pair of shoes that didn’t give me blisters or crush my toes. And in gray or black, ASICS look great with everything from performance leggings to cut-off denim shorts to cropped trousers.

So, when I discovered the sneaker brand’s collab with the oh-so-chic, up-and-coming Parisian label Harmony, I was super excited. Both colorways are simple and beautiful (gray with a white sole or navy with a white sole). I decided to go for the navy blue pair, which is slightly more out of my comfort zone than the gray. This option shows less dirt and scuff marks, and personally, I love how navy looks with other neutrals like beige and even black.

Since they arrived on my doorstep from Paris (addressed to mademoiselle Madalyn LaMastro), I’ve worn them with plaid trousers, “mom” jeans and more. I love how they add a streetwear vibe to any look without being over-the-top trendy like chunky “dad sneakers” are (even though I do love my FILA Disruptors).