For me, fall fashion in New York City is all about looking professional and polished. Thankfully, it has been a relatively mild fall season, so I have really been able to rock my favorite pieces, both old and new.

On this particular Monday I chose a pair of flare pants from Reformation, which has quickly become one of my go-to places to shop–everything fits so amazing and you really cannot beat the quality. (I also think I have a mild addiction to statement pants.)

I have been having so much fun styling these bad boys throughout the summer and now into fall. And while I love pairing them with more casual pieces like vintage band tees and lacy lingerie, I decided to dress them up for work.

Wearing heels makes me feel really empowered, so I started styling this outfit from the bottom up with my must-have black booties. Then, I added a solid pullover sweater so the striped pants could remain the focus of the look.

Camel is definitely my favorite color to wear during the colder months. (Actually, who am I kidding? It’s my favorite color to wear year-round.)

I didn’t want it to be too casual, which is why I layered the pink corduroy blazer. This piece of outerwear brings a little more structure to the look, and it also helped keep me warm, of course.

Today, I added it to this look for a little dimension; mixing different colors and textures is the best way to transform a dull outfit into something stylish. And sporting this scarf, a crucial layering piece, does just that. It will definitely be a major part of my wardrobe for the rest of this season and well into the next.

I polished off the look with clean, minimal jewelry and a sheer brown lip by Glossier (one of my go-to daytime lipsticks).

All in all, I am so happy with how this look turned out. These pants really could not be more flattering; the high-rise fit and extreme flare work together to elongate the legs. The sweater and scarf combo keep me warm while finishing touches like shoes, jewelry and makeup keep things fashionable.

Shop my look:

Blazer, thrifted

Sweater, thrifted

Pants, Reformation, $178

Boots, Free People, Boots, Free People, no longer available (similar here)

Bag, Pop & Suki, $195

Lipstick, Generation G in Leo, Glossier, $18


My cousin (who’s more like my brother!) got married this past weekend. He and Chelsea met in 2013 and were engaged two years ago (in Australia–how cool?!). I’m not even exaggerating when I say that they are the perfect match.

Their wedding was held at Triumph Brewing in Princeton, New Jersey. Triumph is a super cool local brewery with an amazing atmosphere, as well as seasonal beer and food (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like beer). It’s a super unique–and adorable!–spot for a fall wedding.

While the couple is off to Tulum and I’ll be living vicariously through their honeymoon photos, I decided to put together a little GRWM for Haute Mess followers.

For the occasion I wore a black velvet maxi dress, nude pumps and statement-making hot pink eyeshadow. I am so happy with the way my entire look came out–especially because I was a little nervous to work with such a bright eyeshadow for the first time 😉

Keep scrolling for the deets on my fall wedding hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Car lighting is the best. #UberEverywhere

Products I used:

Step 1: Prep the skin by applying Mattifying Gel Moisturizer evenly to the t-zone, working towards the outer perimeter of the face. Apply Balm Dotcom to the lips.

Step 2: Using the same technique used to apply Mattifying Gel Moisturizer, apply a light layer of BB Cream. If necessary, apply an additional layer where more coverage is needed.

Step 3: Conceal the under eyes, blemishes and redness with Shape Tape. Blend with the fingers.

Step 4: Set the entire face with Wowder, focusing on the t-zone and under-eye areas. Finish with a generous amount of setting spray and allow to dry.

Step 5: Carve out the cheekbones with Mocha by applying it directly to the skin. Begin application from the upper corner of the ear, working downwards diagonally. Tap with the fingers to blend.

Step 6: Continue to apply Mocha to the temples and under the center of the lip for a subtle plumping effect. Again, tap with fingers to blend.

Step 7: Using a gentle tapping motion, apply Cloud Paint to the apples of the cheeks to brighten up the look.

Step 8: In a “C” shape along the orbital eye bone to the cheekbone, apply Hot Sand with a setting brush. Tap along the edges with the fingers to blend. Add a little more Hot Sand to the cupid’s bow.

Step 9: Add setting spray to the newly highlighted areas and allow to dry.

Step 10: Apply a little Primer Potion to the eye area. Using a fluffy blending brush, set the primer with a neutral eyeshadow.

Step 11: With a crease brush, apply Wild Thoughts to the crease. Blend the color upward and outward.

Step 12: Take Slave2Pink on a flat shader brush and apply it to the eyelid. Then, blend upward and inward with the fluffy blending brush.

Step 13: Smudge Wild Thoughts on the outer corner of the lower lash line using a pencil brush.

Step 14: Use the same pencil brush to blend Salve2Pink along the lower lash line; blend towards the inner corner of the eye.

Step 15: To highlight the brow bone, as well as the inner corner of the eye, apply Valley Girl with the pinky finger. Blend if necessary.

Step 16: Beginning in the center of each brow and working towards the inner and outer corners, apply Boy Brow in an upward motion. Add a second coat for a more dramatic look.

Step 17: Finish with more setting spray.

Step 18: After combing and curling the lashes, apply two coats of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

Step 19: Apply 1-2 coats of Tres Leches to the lips. Be sure to angle to doe-foot applicator so that you can line your lips neatly with the product.

I finished the look with a pair of (faux) turquoise earrings and loose, straightened hair. The dress is super strap-y, so it gave the appearance of a series of black chokers #So90s.

With the gorgeous bride!

My cousin Allyson–aka my idol since ’93!

Allyson’s daughter Calla and Sadie were my dance partners all night long 😉

More cousins!


I’ve got my fair share of vices; I can’t resist shoestring licorice or a glass of red wine. But, my biggest vice of all is definitely the sun. It’s *basically* my therapy.

Being a stone’s throw from Manhattan and experiencing all four seasons are two major perks of where I live, but during the cooler months I really miss bikini weather–and the tan that comes along with it!

So, self-tanner is a necessity for me. I have no shame in admitting I love having a glowing, bronze complexion from head to toe all year long. Plus, self-tanner is *waaay* better for you than tanning beds are (plus, I take pride in saying I’ve never, ever stepped foot in one).

That being said, I’ve gotten pretty good at creating a flawless, long-lasting faux tan over the years. To show Haute Mess readers that artificial tans don’t have to be orange and unsightly, I decided to share my go-to self-tanner routine so that all of us can glow into winter and beyond.

Step 1–Cleanse: You should never, even apply self-tanner to dirty skin–that’s just asking for a breakout. Even if you don’t think your skin is *that* dirty, it is definitely in your best interest to remove any excess oil and grime before you bronze. In the case of self-tanner, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier & Daily Cleansing Oil, Glossier

Step 2–Exfoliate: It’s no secret that self-tanner applies much more smoothly and evenly on freshly exfoliated skin. But, it can be too easy to skip this step because a full-body exfoliation is so time consuming.

Trust me, though–you’ll feel much more confident in your newly bronzed skin when you exfoliate beforehand; it is one of the best ways to avoid streaks and patchiness. I

love Cup ‘o Coffee from Lush because it’s safe for face *and* body (and it smells ahh-mazing). Cup ‘o Coffee, Lush Cosmetics

Step 3–Moisturize: Self-tanner’s pigmentation has a tendency to break up when exposed to oil-based moisturizer, so I make sure to moisturize my skin a few hours before going in with a self-tanner. Priming Moisturizer, Glossier & Daily Perfection Lotion, Glossier

Step 4–Tan: Like I just mentioned, it is super important to wait a little while in between moisturizing and the actually apply the self-tanner. So that your tan lasts as long as possible and looks flawless, you don’t want it mixing with any oils in your moisturizer.

Having a trustworthy mitt is also crucial; St. Tropez’s has never steered me wrong (and it’s only $6!). Applying bronze-hued foam to your skin may seem like a daunting task, so it is definitely important to take things slow.

Start with a quarter-sized dollop of St. Tropez’s Dark Bronzing Mousse. I love this formula because, not only is it ultra-lightweight, it has a greenish tinge to it, so it never appears orange on the skin. Instead, it leaves you with an olive glow (like one you’d get on vacation in Saint-Tropez).

Begin applying from the bottom up; from your ankles to your bum, making sure to cover yourself front to back (it helps to use a hand mirror in tandem with your wall mirror).

Once all the mousse is applied, run the mitt over the application site several times before going back for more product. This ensures that the tan is spread as evenly and streak-free as possible. Work your way up the upper body using the same technique until you reach the neck.

As it states on the packaging, it’s best to gently glide the mitt, with any remaining product on it, over the tops of the feet and hands for a seamless tan. Self-tanner, no matter how good the quality is, has a tendency to look blotchy on the hands and feet if not applied correctly (or if too much is applied).

Using your fingers, apply St. Tropez’s Bronzing Face Lotion; work from the center of the face in an upward and outward motion. Then, drag some product down the jawline and onto the neck.

Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse, St. TropezSelf Tan Classic Bronzing Face Lotion, St. TropezTan Applicator Mitt, St. Tropez

I don’t like to touch my tan–or expose it to water!–for at least 6 hours. This means no crossing my legs, no lying face down or on the side of my face and, of course, no sweating or showering.


Ropes Mansion, aka Allison’s house in Hocus Pocus

Quite possibly my favorite building in the whole city! It’s directly across the street from The House of the Seven Gables.

All the decorations in Salem are so adorable! Love this color combo.

Another one of the many gorgeous federal style mansions Salem has to offer

My BFF and college roommate Rachel and I just returned from our second annual trip to Salem, Massachusetts. We started this tradition last year on a whim as a way to celebrate her birthday (and Halloween!), and we instantly fell in love. Now, we see ourselves returning to Witch City this same time every year.

Because it was our second time, we definitely knew which spots we had to hit. There is so much to do in this small city, so our weekend was totally packed–but it is so worth it!

Between historic landmarks and a number of museums (and all the amazing places there are to eat and shop), there are so many fun little things to visit in Salem. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that everything is so adorably festive (and photogenic).

Apple of my Chai is the perfect fall drink; it’s a dry, spiced cider.

Ectoplasm is such a unique concoction! So happy I had the chance to try it while in town.

The freshest oysters at Turner’s on Church Street

Cute sites (and yummy smells!) at the Derby Street Carnival

On our first day there we grabbed oysters at Turner’s, a restaurant at Lyceum Hall. Salem’s seafood really cannot be beat, and we had been craving Turner’s since our visit last year–it was our fav by far!

Then, we took a quick walk to Essex Street, one of the main roads in Salem, which is great because it’s closed off to vehicles. The shopping is the best in the entire city, and the people watching is truly one-of-a-kind.

After that we made our way over to the cemetery and Witch Trials Memorial by way of the Derby Street Carnival. We’re so thankful we did a couple walking tours last year because we were able to navigate the city ourselves and know the history behind everything we looked at.

The Witch Trials Memorial is one of our favorite spots in Salem. In addition to the meaning behind it, it is a really cool spot to relax even though it’s in the city’s center. Plus, there is always a ton going on at the Carnival.

We ended the day at Far From The Tree, a hard cider tap room we discovered last year. I was so happy to enjoy Apple of my Chai again, as well as their new limited edition flavor Ectoplasm.

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Pumpkin and apple ice cream (and Rachel) at Maria’s Sweet Somethings

Outdoor decoration inspo!

On Saturday we woke up early to get caffeine at Jaho Coffee, another one of our favs from last year. Because it is so closed to the Derby Wharf, we stayed in that area for a bit. It is arguably the cutest area in town (and the seafood doesn’t get any fresher!).

After visiting The House of the Seven Gables, we stopped at the nearby Ye Olde Pepper Companie, an old-fashioned candy shop. Rumor has it that this place is home of the first commercially made candies in the U.S., dating back to the 1800s. I stocked up on *all* the licorice 😉

Windswept at the Witch Trials Memorial

On our way to Salem Witch Museum

At Old Town Hall, which you may recognize it from the “I Put A Spell On You” scene in Hocus Pocus. (It’s a museum IRL.)

Although it was a little warmer than last year, temperatures were still pretty low–especially in the a.m. So, I packed warm layers and a ton of knitwear.

The pullover turtleneck (pictured above) from Free People was soooOoOoOo cozy, and it paired perfectly with the plaid trousers I wore. I love, love, looove menswear-inspired looks durning the fall, but to keep this outfit slightly femme, I chose a go-to pair of heeled booties.

Then, I tied everything together with a thick black belt and a matte lip in Bunny by Kylie Cosmetics. I also added a pair of gold hoops and my Camera Bag from Pop & Suki.

We had so much fun exploring this quaint little city–with a rich history!–for the second time. Now, we’re definitely in the Halloween mood (and already planning next year’s weekend getaway to Salem)!

The cutest home near Derby Wharf!


Have you heard the news? Rumor has it ColourPop will be coming to Sephora next month!

To celebrate I’m rounding up my favorite ColourPop products of all-time. I discovered the L.A.-based brand a little over a year ago, and since then I just can’t get enough of their unique and affordable makeup.

ColourPop is almost always having a great sale or launching a new product, so I find myself on their website quite often scoping everything out. And that is why I am so excited to be able to shop their range IRL come November.

For the price ColourPop’s quality simply cannot be beat–I prefer their lippies, lip liners and eyeshadows to pretty much every drugstore brand (though you guys know I love NYX and Pixi Beauty). This beauty brand truly offers something for everyone.

There’s just too much goodness on their site, so I decided to share all my favorites with Haute Mess readers so you guys can love this cult-favorite beauty brand as much as I do!

Lippie Stix:

If I *had* to choose just one product from ColourPop, it would probably definitely be Lippie Stix; I loooove this formula! It is super creamy and easy to use, and it’s buildable (meaning 1-2 swipes will give you a semi-sheer, blotted look, while 3-4 swipes will give you an opaque look).

Despite its creamy texture, this formula lasts on my lips for hours, so although Lippie Stix are compact enough to throw in any bag, there isn’t always a need to do so. Lippie Stix allow me to drink, eat and chit-chat away without sacrificing my lip color.

I cannot imagine my everyday, casual, daytime beauty lineup without my Lippie Stix!

My favs: Oh Snap, Lumiere, LBB

ColourPop also offers Lippie Primer in the form of a Lippie Stix, which helps ensure even application while it prevents feathering no matter what lip color you wear over it.

Lippie Pencil:

One of my absolute favorite things about ColourPop is that most of their lip colors have a matching liner, or Lippie Pencil, as they’re called.

A lot of women fail to realize the importance of a lip liner when wearing lipstick–especially bold colors and liquid lipsticks. They dismiss it as an unnecessary expense. Thankfully, ColourPop makes it affordable to invest in a coordinating Lippie Pencil for all your favorite lipsticks.

My favs: Contempo, Poison, Are N Be

Left to right: Come & Get It, Let’s Do It, Dragonfly, Snake Eyes, Glass Bull, Tea Garden

Pressed Powder Shadows:

If you’re searching for a creamy, blend-able, pigmented eyeshadow that’s also affordable, ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Shadows are your best bet.

They are available in a huge range of colors and multiple different finishes (including matte, satin and metallic), all of which are easy to work with and have very little fallout.

I love that the singles are magnetic and that they fit perfectly into ColourPop’s empty, magnetic-based palettes so you can create your own custom lineup that’s sleek enough to take almost anywhere.

My favs: Come & Get It, Let’s Do It, Dragonfly, Snake Eyes, Glass Bull, Tea Garden

Left to right: Slave2Pink, Coconut, Wild Thoughts, Dare, Banana Daiquiri, Wattles

Super Shock Shadows + Pigment:

Because ColourPop is so affordable, it’s perfect for picking up trendy or statement-making eyeshadows you don’t see yourself wearing on a regular basis. After all, who wants to shell out $20+ for a hot pink eyeshadow she’ll only wear once in a blue moon?

This bouncy, pigmented formula lasts for hours on end, and is even somewhat waterproof. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to apply (ColourPop suggests using using your finger), so even the most unskilled beauty enthusiast can use Super Shock Shadows.

My favs: Slave2Pink, Coconut, Wild Thoughts, Dare, Banana Daiquiri, Wattles, Valley Girl


ColourPop’s brushes are all hidden gems! They offer a variety of quality makeup tools that make the application process easier–and, like I’ve mentioned a ton of times in this post, they are all ridiculously affordable!

My favs: Tapered Blending Brush, Pencil Brush, Small Shader Brush