Thanks to Sephora’s recent VIB sale, I was finally able to try a few products from OUAI–just in time for party season.

I love sporting sleek, straight hair for a night out, so I invested in Dry Shampoo Foam, Memory Mist and Hair Oil from OUAI’s line of multitasking products.

These babies have been in my life a little over a week, and I am so excited that they have already become a regular part of my haircare routine. In fact, they made the cross-country trip with me to L.A. for the Sony Music release party this past weekend.

For the black tie affair I said goodbye to my natural wavy locks and went with pin straight, shiny locks reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Because my hair is so thin, I used OUAI’s Dry Shampoo Foam for a little volume before I started styling. Dry shampoo has always been a must-have in my lineup, but until now I’ve only used drugstore products (many of which have been super disappointing).

OUAI’s foam formula is really unique; it gives my hair weightless volume without the grittiness other dry shampoo’s tend to produce. Similarly, it doesn’t leave a white cast or any residue on my dark locks. And, like any good hair product, it smells amazing 😉

I also went in with Memory Mist to protect the hair from my flat iron. And since I don’t use heat on my hair on a day-to-day basis, a protectant is necessary to keep my fragile tresses looking healthy when I do go in with heat tools.

From root to tip, I coated my hair with Memory Mist before finding my middle part, then straightening in small sections. (Tip: Straightening in small sections, while it may take longer, is better for the hair because it reduces the need to go over the same section with the flat iron twice.)

When I finished straightening I polished off my tresses with OUAI’s Hair Oil–which might be my favorite product right now (or ever). A trustworthy oil is so important to the hair’s health, especially my brittle locks, so I rubbed 1-2 pumps between my hands, then run it through my hair from mid-shaft to end.

To tame the fly-aways that frame my face, I added a little more Hair Oil from the roots down so they stay put all night long. This weightless oil improves the look of hair by adding shine, while also allowing movement and keeping it soft to the touch.

Even when I don’t style my hair, I’ve been using this oil every day to keep my hair healthy and strong; it is so lightweight and easy to use. Unlike coconut oil (which I love!), the OUAI’s Hair Oil is virtually undetectable on the hair–it’s not a gloopy mess. It’s the perfect your-hair-but-better product.

The party, which took place at Culver City’s Unici Casa, was a huge success–and I couldn’t have done it without the OUAI.


This month Glossier lovers can save on a new duo: Lip Gloss + your choice of Generation G, a sheer, matte lipstick. Every girl needs this universally flattering, no-fuss duo in her life!

Glossier’s signature Lip Gloss gives your lips glassy, cushiony shine that lasts–plus, the never-sticky formula is super nourishing. It is so gorgeous on its own, or layered over virtually any other lip product.

Gen G, on the other hand, is a build-able matte lip color: 1-2 swipes gives you a diffused look, while 3-4 swipes gives your lips a more opaque look. Unlike other lipsticks, Gen G is easy to use and definitely does not require any babysitting throughout the day (or night). My favs are Leo, a warm cocoa brown, and Crush, a hot, pink-hued raspberry.

Though you save by shopping the duo, I love wearing these two products on their own. Lip Gloss is such a fun spin on a childhood classic, while Gen G is ideal for creating that just-bitten, popsicle stain pout.

Similarly, I am still obsessing over You, Glossier’s new fragrance that launched last month. While it has a high-end look and, of course, smell, it is still down-to-earth and wearable. It’s cool. It’s sexy. And it’s the perfect fresh/musky balance.

You is comprised of three base notes that sit close to your skin: smooth and salty ambrox, warm ambrette and musk. It is complemented by top notes woody iris root and sparkling pink pepper. This scent is warm, smart and clean, and it pairs perfectly with Glossier’s Lip Gloss + Gen G duo.

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As a skincare junkie, L.A.’s Little Tokyo is one of my favorite spots to go on a *wild* shopping spree! In the heart of DTLA lies Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village, a super authentic shopping and dining space closed to traffic.

I absolutely love Little Tokyo. Not only is it fun and unique, it has quite a few Asian beauty stores stocked with products I’ve never seen anywhere else. So, every time I’m in L.A., I make a point to stop there, enjoy some sushi or boba and browse all the beauty it has to offer.

When packing for L.A., I always make sure to leave a little extra room in my bags for *just a few* beauty products from my two fav Little Tokyo stores, TONYMOLY and Make Asobi. Asian skincare is seriously the best; it’s affordable and effective. And I can’t get enough of it.

Although TONYMOLY’s range is available online, there is something about shopping it IRL that is so much more exciting. Last time I was in L.A., I picked up one of TONYMOLY’s Get It Tint Water Bars in a gorgeous bright orange shade. I love it so much that this time, I picked up the original Get It Tint lip tint in Oops Orange, which has a stronger color payoff than the Water Bar.

An orange lip looks so youthful and fun day or night, and I found that Asia beauty brands do this hue the best of all.

At Make Asobi I stocked up on a ton of sheet masks (seriously, I have enough to last me months on end). I grabbed a few of my go-to’s from Pure Smile’s Essence line, including Snail and Gold, as well as a pearl and a collagen essence from Naisture.

Nakamura’s Foot Detox Pads are another one of my must-buys in Little Tokyo. When applied to the bottom of the foot and worn overnight, these guys remove waste from the body, drawing out toxins and restoring balance. The coolest part is that there’s a few different variations, so I chose four to try this time around.

I also wanted to try a few new products, so I picked up two sheet masks from Sanrio Narikiri, as well as a multipack of Quality 1st’s All In One sheet mask.

From another brand whose label I cannot read, I also picked up a multipack of deep cleansing sheet masks. I am really excited for these because most sheet masks tend to focus on brightening, hydrating and anti-aging, and while I love all those things, I’m definitely eager to see how a cleansing sheet mask works.

Lastly, I was so happy to see that Make Asobi had Bioderma’s Sensibo H20 Wipes in store. I love micellar water, and this cult-favorite beauty brand’s wipes are always (*eye roll*) sold out online.


Joshua Tree National Park has been on my bucket list for years! So, I finally booked a last minute flight and Airbnb a few weeks ago to celebrate the bulk of my thesis research being done (after conducting a few interviews while on the road).

Between work and friends, I am in L.A. multiple times a year; it’s quickly becoming my second home. Still, the city has so much to offer, and there is always something new to check out while I’m there.

This time I explored Chinatown, Little Tokyo, The Broad, Koreatown, DTLA, Hollywood and, of course, the Laurel Canyon/Studio City area where I stayed.

Chinatown and Little Tokyo have great shopping; I’d 100 percent rather shop at off-beat, local stores than the big-name stores in town. That being said, I did check out Reformation’s first-of-its-kind vintage shop, which was ah-mazing.

Although Ref is a popular label (especially among the L.A. crowd), its vintage shop, which is exclusive to L.A.’s famed Melrose Avenue, offers specially curated pieces from tons of different brands. And because it’s Ref-curated, everything was gorgeous!

Koreatown, on the other hand, is one of my top places in L.A. for food–I am such a sucker for all the authentic Korean (and Thai!) restaurants in the area. Dim Sung Sa is about as authentic as it gets (not only the food, but the atmosphere, too)!

The Broad museum, which is near Little Tokyo, is hands-down the coolest modern art museum I’ve ever visited. In addition to big names like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, The Broad has quite a few other spectacular pop art and cartoon-y pieces lining its walls. And all of it truly reflects L.A.’s unique vibes.

I also stopped by DTLA for the first time ever to visit Are You Am I’s showroom, or LOFT, as its called. The space is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so happy I was able to see the label’s designs IRL #apartmentgoals.

After that I took a short walk to a cafe called Verve for some L.A.-style juice while I caught up on emails and other work- and school-related business.

Then, I headed down the street to The Last Bookstore, a huge bookstore famous for its second-floor Labyrinth. Home to more than 100,000 books organized by color for a rainbow-like effect, or by genre on shelves arranged to create a maze-like feeing, the Labyrinth is complete with hidden book rooms and plenty of spaces to sit down and read (as well as a larger-than-life, photo-worthy tunnel of books).

A night out (or two!) in Hollywood is a necessity when visiting L.A. because there are so many cool spots within walking distance. After takeout from Sugarfish (an L.A. staple), we started at State Social House and ended up at The Argyle–quite possibly my new favorite spot in town.

On another night we hit up a new spot called Girl At The White Horse, which had great vibes and the *cutest* hot pink decor, after eating dinner at Dave’s Hot Chicken, the best comfort food in L.A.

I also enjoyed a night out in Studio City at a chill bar called Laurel Tavern, the perfect place to grab a couple drinks after a long day.

We spent Saturday and Sunday night in Joshua Tree before leaving mid-morning on Monday. Like I said, that place has been on my bucket list for years, and I am *so* happy to be able to cross it off. Although I managed to get some beautiful pictures, they don’t really do Joshua Tree justice; it is an insanely beautiful place in person with the coolest vibes to match.

During the daytime we hiked to 49 Palms Canyon Oasis, which is a stunning trail from start to finish. Then, we toured downtown in the afternoon and evening. The main road 29 Palms Highway (CA 62) is full of neat art, shops and restaurants.

We checked out a gift shop, as well as the Joshua Tree Saloon–where we had a killer Mexican meal, complete with jalapeño margs–before heading to the Sun Alley Shops and the World Famous Crochet Museum. I picked up a couple stickers to add to my collection, and some local prickly pear cactus jelly and Joshua Tree seeds to bring home to my parents.

Monday morning we brunched at Crossroads Cafe, where I had the best burger and fries of. my. life. Not exaggerating. This little place has a ton of options, and everything on the menu looked delish; it’s definitely a must-do brunch spot if you are in the Joshua Tree area.

I was so sad to leave JT but I know for a fact I’ll be returning some day; our Airbnb was clean, spacious and, best of all, private–I’d return again in a heartbeat. It had a killer outdoor shower, and it was perched on top its own hill, making it the ideal spot to checkout the views day or night.


For me, fall fashion in New York City is all about looking professional and polished. Thankfully, it has been a relatively mild fall season, so I have really been able to rock my favorite pieces, both old and new.

On this particular Monday I chose a pair of flare pants from Reformation, which has quickly become one of my go-to places to shop–everything fits so amazing and you really cannot beat the quality. (I also think I have a mild addiction to statement pants.)

I have been having so much fun styling these bad boys throughout the summer and now into fall. And while I love pairing them with more casual pieces like vintage band tees and lacy lingerie, I decided to dress them up for work.

Wearing heels makes me feel really empowered, so I started styling this outfit from the bottom up with my must-have black booties. Then, I added a solid pullover sweater so the striped pants could remain the focus of the look.

Camel is definitely my favorite color to wear during the colder months. (Actually, who am I kidding? It’s my favorite color to wear year-round.)

I didn’t want it to be too casual, which is why I layered the pink corduroy blazer. This piece of outerwear brings a little more structure to the look, and it also helped keep me warm, of course.

Today, I added it to this look for a little dimension; mixing different colors and textures is the best way to transform a dull outfit into something stylish. And sporting this scarf, a crucial layering piece, does just that. It will definitely be a major part of my wardrobe for the rest of this season and well into the next.

I polished off the look with clean, minimal jewelry and a sheer brown lip by Glossier (one of my go-to daytime lipsticks).

All in all, I am so happy with how this look turned out. These pants really could not be more flattering; the high-rise fit and extreme flare work together to elongate the legs. The sweater and scarf combo keep me warm while finishing touches like shoes, jewelry and makeup keep things fashionable.

Shop my look:

Blazer, thrifted

Sweater, thrifted

Pants, Reformation, $178

Boots, Free People, Boots, Free People, no longer available (similar here)

Bag, Pop & Suki, $195

Lipstick, Generation G in Leo, Glossier, $18