Collabs are pretty hit-or-miss for me; they are either amazing or they completely flop. My latest obsession is Harmony’s collaboration with ASICS.

My (extremely) flat feet make it nearly impossible to find a pair of shoes that is comfortable *and* stylish. But thanks to athleisure trends over the past several years, sneakers have become not only acceptable for everyday wear, but encouraged. Still, shopping for shoes can be a little discouraging for me, as popular Nike or Adidas styles don’t fit my flat feet quite right–even with customized orthopedic inserts.

Not going to lie, at age 17 or 18 I was totally bummed when my doctor recommended the brand ASICS. They felt clunky (especially on someone petite like me) and outdated. I quickly found, however, that I felt more confident in a pair of shoes that didn’t give me blisters or crush my toes. And in gray or black, ASICS look great with everything from performance leggings to cut-off denim shorts to cropped trousers.

So, when I discovered the sneaker brand’s collab with the oh-so-chic, up-and-coming Parisian label Harmony, I was super excited. Both colorways are simple and beautiful (gray with a white sole or navy with a white sole). I decided to go for the navy blue pair, which is slightly more out of my comfort zone than the gray. This option shows less dirt and scuff marks, and personally, I love how navy looks with other neutrals like beige and even black.

Since they arrived on my doorstep from Paris (addressed to mademoiselle Madalyn LaMastro), I’ve worn them with plaid trousers, “mom” jeans and more. I love how they add a streetwear vibe to any look without being over-the-top trendy like chunky “dad sneakers” are (even though I do love my FILA Disruptors).


Getting glammed up is so fun, but most days, I hardly have time for a full face. I am a busy New Yorker juggling my day job in Midtown, freelance projects and hobbies of my own, so I need an easy, go-to routine I can count on–something that elevates my look and makes me feel confident from morning ’til night (or, in terms of Cloud Paint, from Dawn ’til Dusk).

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bare face, but I work in the beauty industry, so a little glam is part of my job!

Skincare is most important to me, so I start with Glossier Invisible Shield + Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi serum. This lightweight combo protects me from UV and blue lights, as well as from environmental aggressors like pollution. I’ll also add Glossier’s Zit Stick to any blemishes if necessary–this revolutionary spot treatment can be worn under or over makeup! The best part is that it is easy to reapply, so some days I’ll bring it with me on the go.

I don’t wear foundation, and I never have before. Instead, I reach for a bb cream or tinted moisturizer. My favorite is Bali Body’s BB Cream (I am in the shade Natural). It has just the right amount of coverage and a skin-loving formula (hyaluronic acid and marine collagen for a supple, youthful bounce, plus green tea to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation). Then, I add Glossier Stretch Concealer (in the shade Medium) to any areas, such as under my eyes, that need additional coverage. I find that waiting 30 to 60 seconds before blending (with my ring finger) gives me the most coverage from this lightweight, no-fuss concealer.

Cloud Paint is blush made easy, and thankfully there are six beautiful shades to suit whatever look I’m trying to achieve. Beam and Haze, two of the OG colors, are always a safe bet, but Dawn and Storm quickly became favorites when they launched over the summer. All it takes is a little dot (or two!) on each cheek, plus another across the bridge of my nose, to brighten up a sleepy face in the morning.

Even when I’m going lowkey glam, I still want a stunning highlight. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frosts are a great option because they are low-maintenance and high-intensity–I apply to my cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow with my ring finger, then pat to blend. Frozen Peach is my first-choice shade for a sunkissed glow.

Amplifying my eyes and boosting my brows is easy with Glossier Boy Brow + Lash Slick. I use Boy Brow in the shade Brown for instant thickness and all-day hold, then Lash Slick for long, fluttery, natural-looking lashes that never clump, flake or smudge.

Of course, I change my lip color often, but I do have a rotation of everyday favorites I work my way through. On the daily I tend to reach for a cream or gloss formula, such as Bite Beauty’s The Multistick in Cashew, of Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. I am also a big fan of nude-browns and golden hues, so I love a gilded gloss like Dose Of Color’s Over The Top, which has a clear base with gold reflects.

What I’m wearing…

  • Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi
  • Bali Body BB Cream in Natural
  • Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost in Frozen Peach
  • Glossier Boy Brow in Brown
  • Glossier Lash Slick
  • Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cashew
  • Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow

For me, fall fashion is all about mixing prints and textures. My latest mix combines an old-school graphic t-shirt, sparkly pants and animal-print boots in a gorgeous burgundy color that’s perfect for fall.

Temps have been low in New York City for the past two weeks, which means I have been living in these snakeskin booties. They keep my feet warm, look fabulous and match all the styles I normally wear; they make a statement without overpowering an outfit! But more importantly, they are the most comfortable heel I’ve ever owned.

Whether I’m running after the train, walking 20 blocks to work or simply strolling along the city streets on my lunch break (I’m lucky to have an office in such a great location), I know I can count on these guys. They definitely receive an A+ from an always-on-the-move millennial. 😉

I can’t live without a little height boost, and in my XLE booties, I never sacrifice stature for style. And while I love wearing sneakers, its fun to look feminine and polished, too. My style changes a lot day to day, and I need shoes that can keep up with me. Don’t get me wrong–athleisure is awesome, but the perfect animal print booties take me back to my rock ‘n’ roll roots. (Growing up on my parents’ music, my style is heavily influenced by it.)

Recently, I dressed them down with an effortless Budweiser t and a pair of “no kirakira necessary” sparkly pants. With a structured blazer or moto jacket, this look easily goes from “comfy and casual day-off” to “business as usual” (at least in my fashion-forward office it does).


No doubt that Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year (although I will admit Thanksgiving is my personal fav). This year I challenged myself to create a few fun Halloween looks with makeup. First up is the spookiest of all, a glam take on the classic Morticia Addams costume.

I started with the intense smoky eye; I used a combination of Fenty’s Moroccan Spice palette (one of my most-loved palettes) and Morphe’s new Boss Mood palette. It was easy to create a sharp wing with the help of a little tape. Then, I polished off the eyes with Morphe lashes in the style Go On & Fake It. To blend the falsies in with my natural lashes, I put Chanel’s Le Crayon Yeux in 01 Noir in both my tightline and waterline.

Next up was skin–this was the most challenging part of the whole look for me, mainly because I love bronzer and other glow-y products. I perfected my skin with Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint (I’m in the shade Medium) and Tarte Shape Tape concealer (Light Neutral).

To achieve a paler skin tone, I added brightening powder all over my face (typically, I use this product only under my eyes), then finished everything off with MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ Matte.

While I normally go for a light, natural-looking contour with Fenty’s Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Mocha, I added a ton more product than usual and took it parallel to my chin on each side to recreate Morticia’s famous cheekbones. I blended downwards, then towards the side of my face to evenly distribute the pigment.

This look called for a bare cheek (the sharp cheekbones are enough of a statement on their own), so I chose not to add any bronzer, blush or highlight. However, I did use a bit of pearlescent eyeshadow to make my brown bones, as well as the inner corners of my eyes, pop. (Yes, it was hard for me to resist highlighter. It’s one of the best makeup products in my opinion!)

Before going in with Fix+ Matte one more time, I brushed Glossier Boy Brow in Brown through my brows for my usual fluffy look. While Moritica has thin brows that look amazing on her, I decided my costume needed a more modern look.

As always, I saved lips for last. I lined using ColourPop’s Lippie Pencil in Bossy, a classic red, then layered MAC’s iconic Retro Matte in Ruby Woo on top. Whenever the holidays come around, I reach for Ruby Woo (the perfect ruby-red hue) a ton, so I was excited to bring it out about a month early this year!

To give myself a little glow, I covered my decolletage in Milk Makeup’s Glitter Stick in Rainbow Glitter. This was such a fun investment; I love accenting my eyes, cheeks and collarbones with it. The multi-color Rainbow shade has a clear base and ultra-reflective glitter particles.

Styling my hair was relatively easy. I combed through my natural wavy texture and created a super-straight middle part, then lathered my locks  in coconut oil for a healthy, shiny finish.


It’s October, one of the best months of the year! I have a lot more favorites than expected this month, and nearly all my new beauty favs are thanks to Sephora’s surprise Appreciation Sale. 😉

As the seasons change, I also discovered a number of fashion go-to’s I’ve really been loving, all of which are timeless and will be part of my collection for a long time.


XLE: YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth has great taste is just about everything, so it makes total sense that her womenswear label XLE is exactly what the fashion sphere needed. I will admit that I was pretty skeptical to try an influencer-owned brand, but XLE blew me away!

A few days after the first collection dropped, I decided to try four pieces–two sweaters, a slip dress and a pair of booties. Everything is flattering and comfortable, in addition to gorgeous in a minimal, simplistic way. I definitely see myself in all of these pieces throughout the season and well into winter. The deep red snakeskin booties are already an everyday staple for me; they are beyond comfy for a heel and look badass with everything.

Réalisation Par: What’s not to love about this feminine and effortlessly chic label? Réalisation’s patterned dresses and blouses can be dressed up or down for a wide variety of occasions. Personally, I like to wear mine with athletic shoes and a messy bun; this combo is easy and makes me feel confident.

GRLFRND Denim: Anyone who reads Haute Mess regularly knows how much of a denim junkie I am, and I think I (finally) found the best pair ever. Via Intermix I chose a pair of high-rise flares with a light-medium wash that fit like a glove from the first time I pulled them on. Now, I don’t want to wear anything else!

B-Low The Belt: For so long I’ve had trouble finding the perfect belt; most are either too wide to fit through most belt loops or too skinny for my personal taste. And to be honest, the fit of every reasonably priced belt I’ve tried sucks–I almost always have to make new holes in mine, which looks awful to a detail-oriented person like myself.

Instead of investing in the same Gucci belt everyone else owns (I was seriously considering it), I picked two from B-Low The Belt during the Labor Day sale: a skinny beige one with a little snake for a buckle, as well as slightly thicker classic black one with Western-style hardware (both leather). I’m convinced there are no better belts for the price! And no, I didn’t have to create new holes in either of them. 😉

Earrings by Vanessa Mooney: The tiny silver hoops I used to wear every day were super worn-out, so it was time for a change. I found three pairs of beautiful and unique earrings that I absolutely love from L.A.-based designer Vanessa Mooney. The fresh pieces in my rotation were exactly what I needed to accent all of my fall looks this year.


Glossier Zit Stick: Another month, another Glossier drop! As a Rep, I had the opportunity to experiment with Zit Stick a couple weeks before it became available. It was an instant win for me!

Zit Stick reduces spot size and redness in a matter of errors, but unlike other spot treatments, the thin (serum-y), see-through formula can be worn under or over makeup. Speaking of the formula, it includes three of the most trustworthy “breakout erasers”: benzoyl peroxide, capryloyl salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

I also love the oh-so hygienic stainless steel rollerball applicator, as well as the four-channel flow that evenly covers each spot in the product.

Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice palette: Ever since the Moroccan Spice pop-up this summer, I’ve been drooling over Fenty’s eyeshadow palette of the same name. Moroccan Spice feels so much more grown-up and sultry than so many other palettes on the market, and it has a great range of shades, tones and finishes–everything from light to dark, warm to cool and matte to metallic. There truly are so many possibilities with the Moroccan Spice palette, including Ri’s look from her Wild Thoughts music video.

Fenty Beauty Tapered Blending Brush (210) & All-Over Eyeshadow Brush (200): Along with the Moroccan Spice palette, Fenty launched two eyeshadow brushes. I held-out until Sephora’s VIB Appreciation Sale to pick-up both brushes and the palette for myself, and although I wish I had these products in my collection sooner, they were definitely worth the wait!

The Tapered Blending Brush and All-Over Eyeshadow Brush are unbelievably soft and full; they disperse (and of course, blend) powder eyeshadow evenly *without* trapping any of the product in the bristles. There is so much less waste with these two brushes than with similar eyeshadow brushes, so they are worth the splurge in my opinion.

Plus, the extra-long handles make them so easy to use, and the nude-pink design beautifies any top shelf.

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Contour: I knew this lip liner would be amazing (it’s Pat McGrath, after all). Contour is a must-have matte beige brown–perfect for over-lining the lips–that looks gorgeous under a ton of different lipsticks and glosses. I use a light hand when I want natural-looking coverage, and a heavier hand when I want more color payoff. Either way, the longevity of this luxury lip liner outperforms any other I’ve tried.

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm in Gold Astral: A glittery lip product that doesn’t feel gritty? Only Pat McGrath could make that possible! From the first application Lip Fetish Lip Balm feels so soft and leaves a beautiful dewy, healthy sheen on the lips.

Gold Astral is an out-of-this world shimmer with a clear base. The gold color is never too yellow, and the glitter particles are never, ever chunky.

Sol de Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: Not to sound dramatic, but I am a little annoyed with myself for not trying this body lotion sooner. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (pronounced “boom boom”) absorbs almost instantly, softening, smoothing and tightening the skin. The delicious pistachio-caramel scent lingers long after application and makes me feel like a goddess!