Surprise! I am thrilled to share that I am now a Pop & Suki ambassador. Last summer I fell in love with this accessories line, and now I can’t imagine living without my personalized Camera Bag or Leather Notebook.

To celebrate, I am treating you guys to an extra blog post this week. (The piece originally scheduled for today will go live Sunday evening–did you see the sneak peak on IG?)

It’s perfect timing. Considering I have a super busy and exciting week at work next week, I may not be able to stick to my usual MWF posting schedule. So, there will be a fourth post this week.

Today, thanks to Polyvore, I am showing HM readers how I style my black P&S Camera Bag for four occasions: Daytime (business casual), evening, weekend casual and Formal.

Shop this bag (and the rest of Pop & Suki’s range) here!


While this bag may be small enough to fit in your go-to work tote, it holds a ton. Keep it on hand (and stocked with a lipstick, compact and your wallet) for when you run out to lunch, grab coffee or go anywhere that doesn’t require your bigger items (such as a daily planner or laptop).


For happy hour with the girls or a dinner date, leave your tote at home. Everything you need easily fits into this small and lightweight bag: your I.D., bank and metro cards, makeup and even a portable phone charger! It’s my ride-or-die for a night out.

Weekend casual:

Ditch the standard crossbody strap for the Fanny Strap next time you head to the farmer’s market or a flea market! You will be hands-free and have easy access to everything you need–plus, you won’t have to worry about misplacing it.


Forgo straps completely, and you’ve got a clutch that is just as unique as you are! This bad boy can hold way more than the average evening bag. Not to mention, it’s more versatile and looks more modern.


From left to right: Sahara Ray Swim, Danielle Guizio NY, Slate Swim, Danielle Guizio NY

Swimsuits are my guilty pleasure! I can never resist a cute one, no matter the time of year.

While my hometown is currently facing its third snowstorm in two weeks, bikini season is already on my mind.

When it comes to swim, I definitely prefer sexier, skimpier styles with flattering and feminine cuts. I am drawn to solid colors, or simple patterns that only incorporate a couple colors.

Similarly, I tend to go for classic styles over trendy options when it comes to swimwear. Swimsuits that incorporate clothing trends (think: last year’s choker bikini) look super cheap in my opinion.

That being said, I recognize that styles do change throughout the years–even when it comes to swimwear. That’s why I put together this list of swim styles that are killin’ it for Summer 2018. (Don’t worry–they are all hot enough to wear well past this summer.)

Bright colors: I will be the first to admit I love a classic black or white bikini! But after years of nude being the must-have color (thanks, Kanye), I’m starting to see a ton more brightly colored swimsuits on the market. And I’m loving it!

Paradise, an eye-catching fuchsia, by Minimale Animale [source: Minimale Animale]

Animal prints: As an Italian, I can’t say “no” to cheetah print. Thankfully, I’ve already seen a ton of fierce and fun animal print suits this year. From the classic cheetah in Em Rata’s new label Inamorata Swim to Minimale Animale’s fresh tiger pattern, I am so excited to rock some animal prints on the beach this summer.

WISH LIST: I am dying to get my hands on the Swami suit in cheetah by Inamorata Swim [source: Inamorata Swim]

Tiger Baby, a modern take on a classic pattern, by Minimale Animale [source: Minimale Animale]

Chain details: Never thought I would be into this trend, but subtlety is definitely key here. Instead of a standard suit adorned with a chain at the hip, I am loving swimsuits that utilize delicate, jewelry-like chains with clasps over classic tie-style closure.

I picked up a simple white bikini from Danielle Guizio NY that fastens with gold chains, and I think it’s the hottest thing ever! It’s sexy and feminine, and I know it will never go out of style.

Chain Bikini Top & Chain Bikini Bottom by Danielle Guizio NY [source: Danielle Guizio NY]

Racerback tops that tie in the front: Classic racerback tops can flatten your chest, giving you that less-than-desirable uni-boob (at least, that’s what they do to me). Racerback tops that tie in the front, however, always amp up the cleavage and show the perfect amount of skin! They’re so gorgeous, and such a great change of pace from triangle tops.

The Zinc Top (& Zinc Bottoms) in Toast by Slate Swim [source: Slate Swim]

The Ireland Top in Black Sabbath by Sahara Ray Swim [source: Sahara Ray Swim]

Strap-y tanga bottoms: When ditching your triangle top for the day, it can also be tempting to forgo the string bottoms that go with it; that’s where strap-y tanga bottoms come in!

Tanga bottoms are typically known for their thick, athletic-inspired straps. But when the straps become spaghetti-thin, tanga bottoms are just as ideal for avoiding huge tan lines as your go-to string bottoms. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about them coming untied completely or sagging when the ties become loose.

Kim Kardashian in the Kim Bottoms by Sahara Ray Swim [source: Sahara Ray Swim]

One pieces that feel like two: For making a poolside statement, there’s nothing better than a daring one piece–especially those that allow your stomach and bum to catch the sun’s rays.

I am loving Minimale Animale’s range of sexy one pieces. When it comes to swimwear, they always take the cake, and their one pieces are no exception. They have a ton of different styles (including a line for gals who prefer a little more coverage), so there is a one piece for every bikini-lover.

The Lucid Onezie Rib Suit in Sea Salt by Minimale Animale [source: Minimale Animale]


I am such a sucker for pink-nude-brown lip colors! They are all so gorgeous, and I can’t get enough. Not only are they super flattering–I love how they enhance my olive skin–these lip colors go with anything from bold, night-out looks to subtle office styles.

There are so many different formulas, as well as finishes and undertones, on the market, and I’ve tried quite a few of them. Turns out, I absolutely love every one of the pinkish, nude-ish, brownish shades in my collection, and I find myself reaching for one or the other most days (or nights!) of the week.

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Persistence: This one is so good that I actually have an entire post devoted to it, so I won’t go into too much detail here; I put it together in early fall when I first picked this shade up. I have’t put Persistence down since!

Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew: I am obsessed with Bite’s Multisticks! All Bite products are great, but these definitely take the cake (or the Cashew) for me! They’re easy to apply without a mirror, super pigmented (1-2 swipes is enough) and long-lasting–even through drinking and eating.

Cashew, a rosy taupe shade, is perfect for those “no-makeup” makeup days. And because it doesn’t need a lip liner or any other babysitting, it’s a great one to keep in my bag 24/7. (Plus, because it is a Multistick, it’s safe for the cheeks and eyes, too!)

Note: This is the lip color I am wearing in all the selfies. đŸ™‚

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb: If you’re looking for the smoothest, creamiest, most comfortable lipstick ever, I’d like you to meet Amuse Bouche. This award-winning formula has been recognized by the biggest publications in the beauty industry for its gel-like consistency and high-impact color.

For me Honeycomb is the perfect mid-tone nude; it’s not too pink or too gray. I like to dab it onto my lips for a lived-in, French girl-inspired “melted” look. Speaking of Melted…

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua: You guys already know how much I love this formula; it has been in my collection since 2014. But last year during Sephora’s VIB sale I decided to pick up this bold nude-y shade. I already owned Melted Violet and Melted Nude, which look glam and are perfect for more formal events, but I wanted something I could wear on a day-to-day basis.

Chihuahua is such a gorgeous shade! It’s bold and sophisticated, but still plain enough to be considered a neutral. I love pairing it with a bronze eye and bronzed skin.

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Oh Snap: This was one of my first ColourPop purchases over a year ago when I was a broke grad student looking for an affordable option to the trendy pink lipstick tones.

Dark, dramatic, vampy lips had been popular for so long (and I still love them!), but I hardly owned any natural-looking lipstick shades until I bought this one.

I was so pleasantly surprised with this product! The color, a muted, dusty rose, was exactly what I had in mind, and the long-wearing formula wasn’t drying at all despite its matte finish. In terms of lip colors, the Lippie Stix is by far my fav product from ColourPop.

Buxom Full-On Lipstick in Sydney (no longer available): I was so disappointed when I started putting this post together and couldn’t find this shade for sale anywhere–not Ulta (where I purchased it), not Sephora, not even! This is definitely something I was hoping to restock when I ran out.

The three-in-one formula is unlike anything I’ve tried before. It has a pointed tip for lining the lips, but you can also angle it sideways in your hand to fill in your entire pout more quickly. And like most Buxom products, Full-On lipstick has a tingly plumping effect.

On the website and on the packaging, this products claims to have a matte finish. And while it isn’t super shiny by any means, to me it seems to have more of a satin finish, which I looove much more so than matte lipsticks. Sydney, a pink-nude, is my go-to my-lips-but-better shade.

Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit: I received this (along with an Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush that I *looove*) as my VIB birthday gift from Sephora last year, and I am so, sooooo happy with it! I’ve tried a number of different matte liquid lipsticks (including Kylie Cosmetics and NYX Lip Lingerie) over the past few years, and this is by far my fav formula.

Like most liquid lipsticks, it’s matte and long-wearing, but it’s not streaky or crusty whatsoever. The light pink-nude color is also perfect–not too light, not too pink, not too nude. It looks great with fresh-faced, rosy makeup, and it looks great with an intense smoky eye.

Glossier Generation G in Leo: The one and only Gen G in my collection (although, I’ve had my eyes on Crush for a while now)! I absolutely love this warm cocoa brown shade, which was named after everyone’s favorite 90s heartthrob. Leo instantly warms my complexion and I love it!

You know the drill with this formula: layer 1-2 swipes for a sheer look, or 3-4 swipes for stronger color payoff. (I almost always go with the latter because I just cannot get enough Leo!)

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu: NYX Butter Gloss is the best lip formula at the drugstore, hands down. It’s seriously shiny–never sparkly–but don’t be fooled by the name: these guys are ultra-pigmented.

There’s a rumor among the beauty community that Tiramisu is a universally flattering shade, and I definitely believe it. The brownish undertones mixed with a dusty pink base (topped with a glossy finish) give me all the Em Rata vibes. I love wearing this shade for subtle sexiness on a night out.

ColourPop x Kathleenlights Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child: Just the best lip gloss ever! I mentioned Moon Child in my February favorites a few weeks ago, and I am still loving this lippie as much as ever. Because I’ve already talked about it on here, I won’t go into too much detail in this post–you’ll have to peep my Feb favs if you want to know more đŸ˜‰

But, I will say that Moon Child is so gorgeous over a pinky-nude lip liner (like ColourPop’s Oh Snap Lippie Pencil), but I’m sure it looks great paired with pretty much anything. Aaand, like ColourPop’s entire range, it’s super affordable and amazing quality.


The style of the quintessential Parisienne is regarded as iconic and it is emulated throughout the world. It’s the perfect balance of done and undone, of masculine and feminine, of high-end and High Street.

As someone with a lifelong interest in fashion, I can’t ignore the Parisian influence on the industry. And personally, I am a fan of it; my style definitely has its fair share of that je ne sais quoi.

I take a ton of inspiration from the likes of Alexa Chung, Jeanne Damas, Camille Rowe and Alexandra Spencer–all women who capture Parisian style perfectly.

Possibly the best aspect of Parisian style, though, is that it is open to interpretation; it’s all about clothes that make the wearer feel comfortable. While some may take inspiration from the ultra-femme and romantic blouses or dresses the Parisienne seems to love, I’m constantly coveting the effortless sex appeal of these women. They know how to be sexy without looking like they tried to hard to do so.

I heard a quote once, and while I can’t find the exact words or the source, it went something along the lines of, “Sexy isn’t green juice and pilates arms. It’s red wine and a filet mignon.”

Think of American style as the “green juice and pilates arms” and Parisian style as the “red wine and filet mignon”–slept-in hair and makeup, clothes the complement the body (nothing too loose or too tight), always looking simultaneously overdressed and underdressed, but not in a way that’s inappropriate.

Parisian women know how to indulge without being overindulgent. And they don’t try to hide their flaws.

On this cold winter day I put together a quick take on French Girl style by layering mostly black pieces under a gray faux fur coat. To start I chose this velvet jumper, then covered up a little more with an eye-catching, high-neck bra top. Then, I add opaque black stockings and my favorite embroidered moto jacket (vegan, of course!); I am so in love with the stunning floral pattern and matte black stud details.

I polished the entire look off with my go-to black heeled booties (I love getting dressed up when I go into the office) and the coziest teddy bear coat from BB Dakota, which I picked up at Bloomingdale’s last year.

Shop my look:

Coat, BB Dakota, no longer available

Jacket, Blank NYC

Jumper, Thrifted (Reformation Vintage)

Bra top, Free People

Other Parisian-inspired pieces I’m crushing on:

[source: Shopify]

Naomi Top in Red, I.Am.Gia

The Alexandra dress in Starstruck, RĂ©alisation Par

The Valentina dress in Cherry, RĂ©alisation Par

The Bianca top in Lip, RĂ©alisation Par

[source: Reformation]

Graphite Dress in Heather Plaid, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Dorothy Top in Hyacinth, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Mimi Top in Amber, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Noelle Top, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Fenway Dress in Hanover, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Monterey Skirt in Bengal, Reformation

[source: Reformation]

Julia High Cigarette Jean, Reformation

[source: Free People]

Levi’s Wedgie Icon High Rise jean, Free People

[source: Topshop]

Check Mensy Pants, Topshop

[source: Are You Am I]

Zillah Slip Dress, Are You Am I

[source: Re/Done]

Leather jacket, Re/Done

[source: Are You Am I]

Delicate chokers and necklaces, Are You Am I

[source: Everlane]

The Boss Boot, Everlane

[source: Everlane]

The Modern Loafer, Everlane


Into The Gloss, The Top Shelf, LĂ©a Seydoux

Into The Gloss, The Technique, French Beauty Can Be High-Maintenance, too

Into The Gloss, Holiday Party Look, The French Girl Lash

Into The Gloss, The Technique, Navigating A French Pharmacy

Into The Gloss, The Technique, The French Kiss

Into The Gloss, The Extra, ‘French Girl,’ Model-Off-Duty Hair

How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, Amazon [photo source: The 6 Million Dollar Story]


Disclosure: I am a Glossier Rep, and I received this product as a gift from Glossier. All opinions are my own, and I am not required to post about the brand or its products at any time on any of my digital platforms. 

From left to right: Moon, Fawn, Slip and Herb

Meet Glossier’s latest release: Lidstar, glistening eye glow. This buildable, pigment-coated formula comes in six gorgeous shades, all with multicolor floating pearls for the ultimate shimmering effect.

Much like Glossier’s Generation G lipsticks, Lidstar is designed to give you a soft, diffused wash of color. Less shadow, more glow.

While all six shades are stunning, I have been loving four in particular: Moon (cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer), Slip (baby pink with golden highlight), Herb (smoky green with yellow-gold pearl) and Fawn (cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls).

I created this look using the lightest and darkest shades, Moon and Fawn (my two absolute favs). And I am so happy with how it turned out! I covered the lids in 2-3 coats of Fawn; it was super easy to blend. Then, added Moon to the brow bone and inner corner. (I am also wearing Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium, Boy Brow in Brown and Haloscope in Moonstone, as well as MAC’s Pervette on my lips.)

This look is all about the shimmer, and I am really digging the grungy-glam vibes it gives off. Lidstar is perfect for day or night, and it can definitely be dressed up or down. It has that effortlessly glamorous touch for which Glossier is known. I can’t wait to continuing playing with all the shades in the weeks to come, so stay tuned for more Lidstar looks!

Shop Lidstar, as well as the rest of Glossier’s range through my Rep page by clicking here! When you do so, you will receive 20-percent off your first order + free shipping every time you spend $30/£25. đŸ™‚